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That stuff’ll eat the paint off a house!

The Toxic Avenger posterThe Toxic Avenger

Last year for Christmas, the In-Laws (who'd just become in-laws at that point) got me an awesome keyboard underdesk. I'm really really finicky about how I sit and work at a computer, and I can type like the wind when things are working out, but I'm slow and procrastinating when it hurts to be at my workstation.

Since getting this little underdesk, I've been kicking some serious butt at my home computer, and I'm loving every minute of it.

That said, I spend so much time here that I finally wore through the first part of my [fellowes underdesk]( The gel wrist-wrest started leaking last week, and I didn't think that much of it. Turns out, that stuff isn't just toxic, it's corrosive. It's eaten through the paint on the underdesk, started on a pair of my pants, and I'm terrified to think what it would have done to my skin if I hadn't cleaned it off my arm so fast. As it was, I had to use turpentine and steel wool to get it to let go. I bet by now I'd have a glowing green rash spreading down my arm, as the mutagen spread through my veins. I wonder if I'd turn into a super hero like [The Toxic Avenger](

Crap, now I wish I hadn't thrown the leaky thing out. I wanna be a superhero.

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  1. Oh my dear lord! I was wondering what happened to that thing!

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