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Bushie – A photocomic lampooning the powers that be – on both the left and right!

Why did I get the small flag. Is laura trying to tell me something?

"Bushie" is a very funny photo comic featuring the always hilarious George Bush and his puppet masters Dick Cheney, Karl Rove, and Condi Rice. If you lean more to the right, don't worry, Moore, Franken and Stewart get their share too!

"Bushie" is yet another project from Remy, who has also recently started the clever "Geek Matters" site where he talks about tech without trying to sound smarter than his audience. Remy and I we're featured on Cory Doctorow's blog (one step from being "BoingBoinged") together back a year and a half ago for a piece I wrote about recommending him for a job after only knowing him through his blog.

Well, I turns out I never needed to make that recommendation, since he landed a good job up in Albany, and we've since met (briefly) in the flesh. It's good to see some of his ideas really coming together like this. I think he's got something with the geekmatters site, and would have answered his call for authors if I hadn't just jumped in headfirst to about 5o other projects. See? I have SOME restraint.

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