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Chipotle Nutrition is Depressing

This past Sunday, I deviated from my normal Chipotle order, and added a wrap so I could eat it on the subway.

I went to to see just how much worse that made it for me. Holy crap! It added over 300 calories and tons of fat... I don't know how people eat the "normal fare" there. I don't even put rice or meat in my burrito, and it's still half of what I should be eating in a normal day.

Here's my normal order (sans wrap) at Chipotle.

Bol + lettuce + black beans + corn and tomato salsa + guac + more lettuce

My burrito has 17g of fat, and

430 calories. How about yours?

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  1. Dear god. With chips and guacamole mine is 1700 calories. Dear god. What have I done?

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