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Super Scrabble

I grew up playing scrabble with my family, and in the past few years I've gotten really into it thanks to handmark games' palm version. Sara and I often play on the subway and we've gotten very adept at blocking triple word scores and making ridiculous plays that make 4 words at a time by leveraging the 2 letter goldmines like jo, wo, ho, and ax.

It seems that Winning Moves has made a "super" version of scrabble with a larger game board that features more spaces and quadruple point squares. The site boasts "200 letter tiles in an all-new distribution allow you to make words not possible in the standard game."


Christmas anyone? Oh jeez, I keep forgetting I need to get to making a list. I'll be updating my froogle list when I get a chance. After finishing all the little side quests in Zelda, I'm in need of some new used GBA games to play!

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