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Hitting the Podcasting Stride

Radio sounds like a broken record. Find something new.

They say that you shouldn't publicize your first 5 podcasts. Well, I was absent the day they taught that rule, and although there's been some mistakes and we've already learned a lot, I think there's some amazing stuff "in the can" as we hit podcast number 6.

Here's the post from GlitchCast 006, which Sara and I recorded saturday. Tune in over at if you're not listening yet and find out why radio is obsolete.

Sara joins me at "Studio 505" as we review more great podsafe tracks - this time found by listening to some of the other music podcasts such as indiefeed and the amplified podcast.

* Candy Butchers - What to do with Michael
* Nobody's star - Memory of You
* bill - Sound Scientist
* Low country - Lord I want an exit

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If you're new to podcasting, you can subscribe to the show's feed and have it delivered to your computer automatically whenever there's a new episode.


For subscribing to podcasts, I recommend the free and open source (and newly renamed) Juice (formerly iPodder Lemon - they "squeezed the iPodder out of their name, what was left was Juice!"). You can also search for "GlitchCast" in iTunes.

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