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Marvel Revamps Their Online Comic Offerings

While doing some research for an upcoming GeekQuiz I caught wind of the fact that Marvel has revamped their website yet again in an attempt to make their content more accessible online. They've especially put a lot of work into making their comics readable in a web browser, and will reportedly be making a lot of their back catalog available in this manner.

I've long been of the opinion that reading comics on a computer can be enjoyable as long as you have the ability to zoom in to the panel level and really get a look at what you're seeing and reading. I just finished reading the first digital issue of Friendly Neighborhood Spiderman, and they've done a really nice job. The text is all vectors, so it renders beautifully when you zoom in - the art is decent resolution and loads quickly, and the flash interface walks you from panel to panel easily, and also lets you zoom back and get a look at the page as a whole.

I'm not a comic nut by any means (aside from a few indie books, I haven't bought one in years) but I do have a soft spot for many of these stories, and I enjoy getting to read them online. I'm kind of an anti-pack-rat, so I'll never have it in me to be a collector, and I don't mind not getting a physical comic to read. Aside from that, free is a price I can live with.

It's interesting to watch Marvel grow and change as licensing in the form of movies, cartoons, and TV shows grows beyond their traditional publishing business. I wonder if, at some point in the future, they'll simply create comics at a loss for the opportunity to create an affinity for characters and stories which will yield lucrative licensing deals in the future.

Check out the new free digital comics at (free reg required, but you can check out the first 1/3 of the comic without registering)

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  1. But most agree, outside of these crossovers, and of course the main books (the Spider-Man
    books, X-Men books and Avengers books) not much else is
    that great right now, nor has it been for sometime.
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