GlitchCastFriendAdder 1.0 is released

I’ve just released version 1.0 of the GlitchCastFriendAdder – the Open Source MySpace Friend Adder.

It’s a combination friendID scraper and bulk adder for MySpace.

You can find more information here.

Author: ericskiff

Hi, I'm Eric Skiff - I'm a developer at, co-founder of NYC Resistor, and BarCamp planner here in NYC.

10 thoughts on “GlitchCastFriendAdder 1.0 is released”

  1. P.S you may want to delete this information once you get it.. myspace lets you do 500 request per day.. that is sending messages and also sending add me things.. if you used up all 500 in adds for that day.. you wouldn’t be able to send any messages out until the next day.. accepting friends and all that is okay.. leaving comments doesn’t count either..

  2. Hi, I’m always browsing and adding people to network with, share music with, post comments and just make myswelf more accessible, so please check out my page and add yourself if you like, thanx.

  3. Yup – the program is both free as in beer (it doesn’t cost any money) and free as in speech (you’re free to copy, distribute, edit, and otherwise do what you like with it) providing you release any code based off it under an open source license.

  4. If you are still doing Myspace marketing, I’d love to help you automate your CAPTCHAs. I have a simple Web Service API that will return the result quickly.

  5. hi id be grateful if u could send me the source too as my fingers and patience are wearing thin…

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