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links for 2006-01-06

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1000 friends

Well, 1000 people who know about the GlitchCast is certainly not a bad start. I've been getting tons of request to check out artists and play them on our show, and I've already found some great ones including Jonathan Hape, My Little Radio, and Chris Ayer. They'll all be featured in the next GlitchCast.

I think I'll take a break for a few days and get in touch with the people I've friended in this batch, before continuing on the list of people I'd like to add. I've had some great contacts from amazing Americana and bluegrass artists, some really good rock bands, and even a goth band.

I'm actually kind of surprised - after 1000 adds, I haven't had a single person say "who are you and why did you add me?" Everyone's been checking out the info page, clicking "add" and messaging with words of encouragement or requests to be played. It sounds like there's a real demand for music podcasts, especially in the indie music scene. Very cool.


Nice words about the GlitchCast

Well, MySpace was down this morning, so I did a Technorati search for GlitchCast this morning and found this really nice article by podcast reviewer Al Gritzmacher.

"But if you wanted one podcast for the holidays. One that stands out above all the rest and can be listened to over and over, I recommend the Glitchcast Holiday Special. Eric and Sara Skiff of New York City put out this podcast, which I have only started listening to recently.

Their Christmas Special puts all the essential podsafe songs together in one tastefully arranged and thought out order. Their introductions are low-key, appropriate for the season and heartfelt, making it truly a pleasure to listen to over and over. Burn this one to a CD and give it as a gift to a friend you are trying to explain podcasting to. ItÂ’s a shining example of what podcasting can be.

I hereby declare the Glitchcast Holiday Special #12 the Best Christmas Podcast of 2005!"

Thanks Al - that's the nicest thing anyone could have said. Glad to hear people are enjoying the show!

I'll definitely be checking out Al's live music podcast, if you like our show, give it a listen