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Dear god I love the random image function

I've moved the site over to wordpress, and I'm almost done moving my photos over to gallery.

What that means for all of you is that this site is updated more frequently because it's easier for me to get it done. It also means that I'm going to be able to pull some cool tricks using the amazing tools and plugins available for both pieces of extablished open source software.

One of those tricks is wordpress + gallery integration. They play very nicely together, and you can see a "random image" pulled from the gallery every time you visit the actual, which looks like this:

random image screenshot

I think it's my new favorite feature of the site. It comes up with some awesome shots that I didn't even know I had in there!


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WordPress Plugin – list posts in category

I needed a wordpress plugin to list the posts in a specific category in another post or page. Specifically, I'm building a job posting static page, and it wanted it to list all of the "blog posts" tagged "posting".

Chris McCafferty came through with his posts-in-category plugin, but it had a small bug where it would kick out an error if the category was empty (which might happen for us when there are no active job postings).

I added a quick check to the variable in question to make sure it wasn't empty before it was used, and voila, the perfect plugin for what I need.

I'm sure Chris will update the official plugin soon, but until then, here's a quick link to the updated version. Just save it in your plugin dir and rename it to posts_in_category.php

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An unfortunate candy valentine

This was an actual candy heart, and an actual quote from Rye.

Your awesome. What about my awesome?