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Launch Day is April 1st – No Joke!

On Set at Felt Up TV shoot 1SXSW has come and gone, but I'm still catching up on the sessions I missed by listening to the podcasts. Just the fact that you can listen to many of the keynote talks on your own time on your own device is pretty amazing and there's lots of good stuff to hear, but many of the conversations that I'm really interested in happened outside the traditional keynote sessions, and don't appear to have been caught on tape. Perhaps more will show up as part of IT Conversations, caught by attendees.

In the meantime, things are rocketing along here, Flu and Bronchitis be damned! Sara and I spent yesterday with some of the other wonderful "Felt Up" crew and churned out at least 3 great bits, which means that with the pilot, we're good for an April 1st launch! I've been hesitant to talk too much about Felt Up here on the blog for fear of over-hyping it before it became a reality, but at this point we're 95% of the way there and it's looking amazing!

For those that don't know, Felt Up is a short-format internet comedy series for portable video devices featuring puppets.

That's a mouthful, so I'll explain. We know a lot of great comedians here in NY, and our network of friends includes filmmakers, writers, and other amazing creative types. Getting everyone together (especially the hyper-busy comedians,) is really tough, but getting them to lay 5-10 minutes of audio down (whether reading a part for a sketch or improvising) is pretty doable. Once we've got funny audio by notable comedians we can act it out with puppets, taking our time with multiple takes, lots of angles, etc... While we're at it, we get to play around and improv our own sketches as well!

You can see some production photos over at the Flickr tag FeltUpTV and keep your eyes on, we'll be launching soon!


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That’s a new one: DNS outage

The box that powers is up. I know this because is served from this very same server. However, you can't reach as of right now. Pings don't even resolve.

Dig reports this:

; < <>> DiG 9.3.1 < <>>
;; global options: printcmd
;; connection timed out; no servers could be reached

Both zoneedit nameservers that tell users what server to find on are down. Granted, their service is free, so beggars can't be choosers, but in 7 solid years of web hosting, I've only seen this happen once before.

Here's hoping it's back by morning, or I'm going to have to find an alternate DNS host pronto.

: Nice. By invoking murphy's law and posting about the site being down, I've brought it back up. Whahoo! Thanks to whoever dragged their sleepy butt out of bed in Wisconsin to bring that nameserver back online.

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Turning off the “getting started” taskpane in Word 2003

Everyone hates the fscking paperclip. You all know what I'm talking about, it's that stupid little popup that gets in your way when you're trying to do your work in a microsoft office program.

Microsoft finally retired their friendly bane-of-every-office-workers-life with Office 2003, only to replace with the "Task Pane".

Yes, the "Microsoft Bob" inspired paperclip has grown up and gotten fat - it now takes up a whole sidebar of workspace and covers your document, forcing you to close it.

Every time.

It comes back every time you start the program. If Dante could rewrite the inferno, I'm sure this type of "we know best" functionality is part of the first level.

To turn it off for good, go to tools->options->view tab and uncheck "startup task pane."

I've recorded a breif, funny tutorial on this, so you can see exactly what to click.

Your done, it's gone for good! Well, until you start excel for the first time, that's a whole 'nother program. Have fun.


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DIY – doing more with less

Grr. I really have to learn to save more. I just lost a great long post, but it's going to force a rewrite and two separate posts here, which is a good thing.

Short summary: I'm in a Do It Yourself panel right now that's giving me a lot of great advice. I'm sorry to have lost some of the earlier quotes, but them's the breaks.

Rheingold: TESS is the US patent trademark search site. It only costs 360 dollars to trademark your logo or wordmark.

Rheingold:"Just signing up for a domain name doesn't mean that you have any right to use that mark."

Hudack / Rheingold: "You don't need to have lawyers involved. 2 sentences on paper with some witnesses and signed works."

Keeler: "you really have to follow the bloggers who are influential .

Attendee: There's a great site for doing trademarks and legal things yourself called nolo