Henry Rollins Quotes from SXSW

I’m sitting listening to Henry Rollins speak right now. He’s got a lot of great stuff to say, and is

“I think it’s lazy to randomly hate someone. I don’t like Ann Coulter because I’ve read her books and I’ve read her online column. As much as I’d like to spank that ass… (laughter) And I think on some level she’d enjoy it. I hate her because I’ve read her stuff and I know she’s a psycho.”

“INTERVIEWER: You’re the jack of all trades…” “No, I’m the jackass of all titles.”

“On ‘action’ I kinda went ‘yeagh HAH!’ (flails arms) and the director practically jumped across the couch, and the assistant was like ‘oh god call security’. I come out of the audition room sweating and just go (breathes heavy) ‘break a leg'”

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