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links for 2006-04-19

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Happy Tax Day

Tax Day, New York City

Originally uploaded by Amit Gupta.

Taxes are due by Midnight tonight - which means that the annual scramble to get them done and postmarked begins around, oh, I don't know, 10pm?

Luckily, Sara and I finally got ours polished off a few days a go, but college-style procrastination certainly takes hold of few New Yorkers each year.

The giant US post office on 34th and 8th is open till' midnight, and as you can see in Amit's photo to the right from last year, it becomes a mob scene of tired New Yorkers, all waiting to turn in their homework.

Considering it took 30 minutes to get an express label from the slowpokes there a week ago, I don't envy those waiting there tonight, but it does sound a lot like a convention: lots of people doing the same thing you are, standing around and chatting.

Except, instead of Star Wars or Comics, it's taxes.

(P.S. while you're having a look at Amit's photos from last year's tax melee, be sure to check out his and Kara's awesome review of tiny and ingenious tripods over on PhotoJojo)