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sunset on the ocean

sunset on the ocean

Originally uploaded by Glitch010101.

We snuck out to Magoo rock to take some 180 degree coastal macros, and I caught this one of the sun setting on the water. Exposed for only 1/1600th of a second, it came out pretty well!

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  1. Nice photos. But its Mugu Rock, not Magoo. Probably some sort of Chumash Indian name.

  2. Oops! Should have checked that one! Jon thought it might have been Magu, so I looked it up. It’s certainly Mugu, and apparently it’s all closed off because people cliff jump off of it so frequently that it’s called the “Mugu Drowning Pool”

  3. Good clip of the cliff jumping at Mugu. I had no idea. Back in 1972 I climbed down onto the rocks at Mugu and out of nowhere there was this huge wave. I got very wet but consider myself lucky I did not drown…

    On another subject: no doubt walking up to the Reagan Library was a tiring hike for two pedestrians, but around here what you climbed is called a hill. Mountains are what have snow on top…

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