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Watching the live music at BarcampSL

watching the live music at BarcampSL

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I nearly missed Barcamp Second Life, but thankfully, C.C. Chapman posted some photos live from the event to his Flikr feed, which showed up in my feedreader.

I popped on in just in time to catch a live music performance by foxyflwr cure, and to chat with some of the folks there.

There's really no explaining how interesting the secondlife phenomenon is unless you've been there yourself. There's mindbending moments when you're really *there*.

My first sunset in SL was one of those very experiences. There I was, hovering high above a fairground, and suddenly I'm struck by the sheer beauty of the sky turning orange, and then the sun slipping slowly below the horizon to leave a purplish grey twilight.

I had to shake my head and remember that it wasn't real... The combination of the beauty of the rendered sky, the almost imperceptible creeping of the sun over the horizon, and my mind filling in the rest made arguably as powerful as any sunset I've seen in real life.

Today's concert, played live in front of our barcamp audience, was one of those moments. It's just something you have to experience for yourself.

You can see more pictures from Barcamp SecondLife here or check out everyone's barcampSL pictures here

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