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Ewan and C.C. Join Forces for “Accident MASH”

I've been listening to C.C. Chapman's Accident Hash since back before I had an mp3 player. It's an amazing mix of podsafe music, and C.C.'s just a cool guy to boot.

If you've seen my pictures from South by South West, you know I hung out with Ewan Spence and found out about his amazing Rock Show on The Podcast Network. I've listened to every episode since, and at Ewan's encouragement, Sara and I joined TPN ourselves!

C.C. and Ewan were both at Podcast Day 2006 in Germany, and joined up to create an Accident Hash / TPN Rock mashup: Accident Mash

Aside from the fact that it's fun to hear two of my favorites together, these two have both got awesome, rocking playlists, and the joint show is incredible!

C.C. and Ewan
Listen to the show

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  1. Psyched that you liked the show. We had so much fun doing it and hoped people would dig listening to it as well.

  2. Glad you like it – it was such a blast to do.

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