July 4th is for us. Declare independence from mainstream media

This July 4th, turn off your tv and turn on to independence.

We’re declaring our independence from Mainstream Media! We’re reporting news you won’t hear on “the big 3.” We’re playing great artists that clear channel’s computer playlists have ignored. We’re creating outstanding video content free from the shackles of the 30 minute timeslot!

Who are we? We’re just like you! We’re creative individuals who were sick of being force-fed the same focus-group distilled junk year after year.

On July Fourth, declare your own independence from Mainstream Media. Turn off your TV and turn on your computer. Plug an MP3 player with great music podcasts into your stereo while you barbeque. Watch an indie movie or a video podcast. Read news that’s not being reported on CNN.

Just use your favorite tagging tool on July 4th to search for “July4us” to find other blogs, podcasts, and shows declaring their independence, and changing the face of media. Here’s some handy links:

If you’re a podcaster, please include the promo below in your show to help spread the word, and encourage people to go “mainstream free” on the 4th!

I love that this idea isn’t tied to anyone’s show, and we can all join in by using the tag. I deliberately don’t say my name or showname in the promo for that reason.

Original credit for the idea goes to Bryan Person, Chris S. Penn, and the rest of the New England Podcasters list who brainstormed!

UPDATE: Rocketboom correspondent, vlogger, and all around awesome guy Steve Garfield has popped in to stake his rightful claim to the original july4us concept. Right on Steve, sorry to misplace the credit for the amazing idea!

Author: ericskiff

Hi, I'm Eric Skiff - I'm a developer at Amplify.com, co-founder of NYC Resistor, and BarCamp planner here in NYC.

8 thoughts on “July 4th is for us. Declare independence from mainstream media”

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  2. Oops, sorry, Steve G, I’ve updated the post!

    Steve W, if you’re paying $100 for cable, you probably get IFC, right? Lol. That’d be a start.

    In reality though, the idea of the day is just to break your routien a bit and check out what else is out there. You might find some indie stuff you really really enjoy!

  3. Steve was definitely the one who came up with the specific “July4Us” tag. In fact, I think the idea grew from Steve and the Boston Media Makers. Then, Chris Penn from the Financial Aid Podcast added in the theme of “24 hours of independence from mainstream media.” And off we’re running with it!

    Thanks for the promos, Eric. I’ll use one in my upcoming New Comm Road podcast.

    –Bryan Person
    Blog: http://www.bryper.com
    Podcast: http://www.NewCommRoad.com

  4. Instead of fighting mainstream media, let’s present our media as an addition to what mainstream media is doing.

    I don’t like the whole turn off TV idea. I like TV.

    Our media is an alternative. In fact, look around and y ou’ll see that a lot of local media outlets are encouraging us to contribute to their programming. Chanel 7 and NECN in Boston, to name a few.

    Also, the content we produce for July 4th doesn’t have to be any specific subject or content.

    I’d like to see home movies of your kid with a sparkler, fireworks, home movies…

    What blogging allows us to do is to share our personal stories. Stories that would normally end up in a shoe box.

  5. In particular, as the guy who invented blog ‘n’ roll, I’m calling upon musicians with opinions to begin putting them to music and integrating links to your songs into comments sections of blog sites. Break away from addictions to big label record companies and mainstream radio and go independent! To lead the way, here are a couple of original July 4th songs. I co-wrote the first with Corbin Cherry, Viet Nam veteran, war hero and former White House Chaplain.

    Red, White, Rhythm and Blues
    words and music by Dr. BLT & Corbin Cherry, (c)2006
    Produced by G. LaDuke

    and here’s one from my One September Mournin’ CD:

    Red, White and Blue
    words and music by Dr. BLT (c)2006

    “There would be no Elvis. There would be no Johnny Cash. There’d be no B.B. King…We owe it all to the independents.” Sam Phillips

    Have a happy 4th, and let’s all celebrate independently!

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