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The Minus Touch, AKA: Kelly Can Crash Anything

The Minus Touch, AKA: Kelly Can Crash Anything

Originally uploaded by Glitch010101.

She's got the "Minus" touch.

This comic is derived from an actual day in the life of our very good friend, Kelly. She crashed her cell phone ( and found out that the firmware was written in C ), crashed her palm, crashed her computer, and to top it off, "crashed" her shower all in one day. It was extremely impressive.

Lovingly made in the style of ripped off from Diesel Sweeties.

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  1. you made me snarf.. i knew about the phone.. i know she can crash computers.. i didn’t know about the shower. she’s a very good & special friend. 🙂

  2. I have an employee who sometimes has this exact problem. Luckily, I have the opposite power. 🙂

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