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Hello from Holden Beach

Aww... It likes me
We've arrived at our vacation spot, and I'm currently enjoying free wifi at the shared beach-club that the member's of Sara's Mom's housing community jointly own. It's basically a pavilion with a nice big common room for parties and a pool.

The condo area is much more resort-like than I expected. It's situated between marshland and the ocean on a little stretch of beach with condos as far as the eye can see in both directions down the narrow strip. I took a ride on my newly-fixed stowboard for about 2 miles down, and nothing changed as far as I could see.

At the moment, I'm revelling in my geekdom by sitting in the air conditioned beachclub while the rest of the fam is out for their second round of sunbathing. I'll head back out and join everyone in a bit, but it was nice to come in an escape the sun for a bit.

It seems that every time we leave New York, it's hotter there than it is in our vacation spot. This trip is no exception to that rule, but this time it's a welcome change. It's going to be 98 in New York tomorrow and 94 down here. It'll be interesting to see how the electrical grid handles it. A similar hot-snap 2003 across the northeast brought demand up to 100% of capacity, leaving us in the vulnerable state where a single disruption could bring the entire grid offline.

In the meantime, I'll be doing my best to leave the laptop closed for a bit and take advantage of this opportunity to unplug for a while. I'll be posting pictures to the flickr feed. If you don't already have a flickr account, I highly recommend signing up for one. If you do, add me as a contact so I can see you pics!

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