Riding on the Lazy River

crunch, blam, squeak!
Troop cool makes their way down the lazy river

Day 3 of our vacation brought us down to Myrtle Beach to hang out with Sara’s extened family. I love the cousins and getting to spend some time with them is part of what makes these trips great.

One thing that’s universal among big groups is the pain of deciding what to do. We sat around for a bit trying to decide how to spend our afternoon and struggled because no one wants to be pushy and force a decision but if no one steps up, you can end up doing nothing.

While we were working on a decision, I found myself thinking about the process as a programmer. In the ideal situation, everyone states their set of things they’d like to do, and you narrow it down where those sets match up.

In programming noation, this would look something like:

{a,b,d,g,j} ^ {b,d,j} ^ {a,j} ^ {g,j} = {j} (because j appears in all the sets)

Assuming people list everything they’d like to do, it usually works out like this naturally, but it can be hard if there’s one person with a particular dislike that rules out a popular option for others. More than anything, it’s tough to be that person, but if you know that there’s plenty of other “likes” out on the table, it can be easier to decide what to do.

Lucky for us, there was an option nearby that encompassed just about everyone’s likes; the strange mix of mall and amusement part that is Broadway on the beach.

In the space where a mall would stand in any other town, Myrtle Beach gave us outdoor shopping, crazy carp that climb over each other to be fed, an Imax movie theater, and Jimmy Buffet’s margaritaville.

If we’d had more time to kill, we also could have hit Ripleys’ aquarium, gotten our names on a grain of rice, and lost our lunch on a simulated motion machine.

After a while, we made our way back to their hotel and hung out in the awesome outdoor pool area and rode around the Lazy River for ages.

I grabbed my camera and got some very sneaky pictures of the Lazy River fun and then spent some time being artsy.

falling water

Since nabbing an amazing shot in California, I’ve been obsessed with falling water and how what appears to be a steady stream is actually hundreds of little droplets all following the same path.

As always, there’s lots more photos in the flickr feed

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