74 free desktop wallpapers

A few days back, I got some nice encouragement from my mom. Moms are perennial cheerleaders by their very nature, but this particular compliment on my photos got me thinking that I should collect my best desktop oriented shots and make them easily available to download. They’re already freely available through flickr under the creative commons attribution-shareAlike license, but I wanted to assemble my personal favorites.

Download the wallpapers as a self-extracting zip file.

Just run the file in the directory where you want the photos. The package is also available as a straight zip file

I highly recommend “John’s Background Switcher” which allows you to select specific photos to rotate on your background and even lets you specify a flickr user, tag, or set.

Here’s a preview of what the photo package contains:

one among many with the sky broken but beautiful Dag gum! 20060718_North_carolina 062 20060718_North_carolina 051 20060718_North_carolina 037 falling water falling water falling water falling water falling water Flowers and sky Flying in formation Aww... It likes me Flowers from the walk to the car Frisbee mid-flight Beachgrass and sun Beachgrass and sun Sunrise on the beach Sunrise on the beach Sunrise on the beach Sunrise on the beach Alien land Subway Sleepers Astoria Sunset I never get tired of raindrops on leaves raindrops look like candy Monster Servers Upstate 073 Upstate 032 Bumblebee on the Lupine Bumblebee on the Lupine This would be a much cooler picture if they were real penguins SeaWorld 142 BIg fish SeaWorld 052 flower macro Water fountain water droplets mid air Kermit the frog on the hollywood walk of fame Hollywood 009 Lilly Pad where the water washes away the highway sunset on the ocean wildflower weed up close scenic overlook fisheye purple ribbon flower closed Translucent orange flower More plants I've never seen before More plants I've never seen before indigo impatient sunset and a storm a the hoover dam sunset on the hills a the hoover dam The watershow at the Bellagio long road to the moutains IMG_5684 IMG_5646 Antique calendar gadget See-through leaves Rooftop Pool Fireflower 3 droplest unedited pink glaciers Triton stands before the storm Hydrangea macro Hydrangea blossomLight from Provincetown Weird spore-case macro Plum blossom Beachgrass and blue sky Colonial sunset Neverending soundboard

Author: ericskiff

Hi, I'm Eric Skiff - I'm a developer at Amplify.com, co-founder of NYC Resistor, and BarCamp planner here in NYC.

5 thoughts on “74 free desktop wallpapers”

  1. Love the high five pic 🙂 Also love the macro work. I dont’ think I told you, I just bought a Canon S3 IS, which has super-macro mode with a min focal distance of 0 CM… that’s right, zero centimeters. it can focus on things touching the lens. It’s awesome 🙂

  2. LOVE the artwork! I’m a huge photography fan, but unfortuanately have no idea how to do it…and I’m just working away in the healthcare field, seemingly too busy to get involved! someday…

    Anyhoo…thanks for visiting my “turtle parade” and leaving comments. This is a first for me. I, again, have no idea what I’m doing. Just my attempt to stir up conversation about mundane, daily stuff. I hope it’s alright to use pictures (your bagel, for instance). I have to say that I just assume I’m allowed to do that…just did an image search on google?????

    Thanks again (and most definitely for the comment that you like my writing style…you have no idea what that means to a girl who’s never been a great writer, whose best friend is amazing at it..)

    visit often, I welcome your comments!!!

  3. Hi, some of those are really great. This puppy is as cute as it gets, is it real dog? Penguins are not real but the picture is nice anyway.
    All the flowers are beautiful but the purple ribbon is something. Never knew such flower exists.
    Well, anyway puppy is my favorite.

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