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What do your google adwords say about you?

Funny GMail adwords

This ad came up beside 2 of my emails in gmail today. Gmail usually matches the ads to the content of your email, so these ads were a bit suprising.

Contrary to what you might expect, the emails held nothing nefarious - just links to songs from an artist we're considering for The Alternative Music Show, Rebecca Nurse.

Suddenly I'm wondering what those Rebecca Nurse kids are up to!

As an aisde, I just had to see what "witch spells" page paid for a top-ranked google ad. Why, a page full of more ads, of course! This time for things like this:

Let us cast an extreme love, money or revenge spell for 24.95. 110% money-back guarantee. Our spells work.

UPDATE: Okay, a quick google for the name Rebecca Nurse pulls up this page detailing "The trial of Rebecca Nurse" - one of the "witches" burned in salem. Now it all makes sense.

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