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So many events! I need a Time Turner!

Hermione's time turner from Harry Potter

(A replica of Hermione's time-turner from the Harry Potter 3. )

Why is it that all the events I want to attend here in NYC happen on the same Wednesday evening?

Tonight, I'll be heading to the Video 2.0 event, but that means I'll not only be missing yet another NYC podcasters meetup, but I'm also going to miss a NYLUG (New York Linux Users Group) presentation with Ajai Khattri talking about Gentoo Linux.

If these events were Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, I'd love to be at all three!

While I'm wishing for the magic ability to be everywhere at once, I'm bummed that I'm going to have to miss MarCamp - the ad-hoc, barcamp style marketing conference on Sept. 26th. If you're out on the west coast and involved in podcasting, blogging, or any type of marketing, I'd really suggest making it to this event. I know a bunch of people are heading out that way a bit early for the Portable Media Expo, and it would make a great first stop!

Speaking of the PME, I'll be skipping that as well, instead pouring all my energy into Podcamp in Boston on Sept 9th-10th and BarCampNYCII here in the city Sept 30-Oct 1st.

Phew! That's a lot of events, and a lot of links! Wish me luck, it's going to be a fun month!

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