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Conference rule number 1: you can sleep when you get home.

I'm currently on my way to Podcamp Boston. It's just past 7AM and I'm already winding past hartsdale, crammed into the only half-a-seat left on the bus when I arrived.

That's my own fault of course... I cut my commute famously close this morning, leaving at 5:45 for a 6:30 bus. That sort of stunt might fly during rush hour, but by 6, my subway train hadn't even left the station (we live at the end of the line). I hurtled down corridors and up flights of stairs with the heaviest bag I've ever packed.

But it's worth it.

As we rode out of NYC, the black sky turned to inky blue, and then almost suddenly to grey as a huge red sun appeared at the horizon. I always forget that sunrise is constantly duking it out with sunset for title of "most beautiful thing that happens around you every day, but most of us never notice."

We get around thirty thousand of these things in our lifetime. How many have you really seen? I can count maybe 5 great sunrises that I've been awake and aware to appreciate.

Allow me, if you will, to share my geek glee with you for a moment. Part of the reason I was up late last night, aside from packing nearly every piece of production equipment, puppet, and cool gadget I own into a giant suitcase, was that one of my co-workers was handing off the holy grail of geeky equipment.

Verizon PC5220 card

We've got 2 EVDO wireless access cards (basically, highspeed cell-phone modems) where I work. One is with our President at all times, and the other rides with one of our field workers. I called this incredible individual, and not only did he graciously offer to let me take it for the weekend, he personally drove it out to me in Astoria in the wee hours of the morning, acting like it was no problem at all. He was all smiles and "don't worry about it" at 1 AM after a long day.

Sometimes when people are class acts, it just kinda shines through in everything they do. I need to get him a bottle of wine or something!

So, that means that, yes, for once I'm actually posting this from the bus, rather than writing and saving it up to post later. That's nifty and all, but the real beauty is that I won't be contributing to the inevitable bandwidth clog that podcamp will bring. Barcamp cripples any facilities wireless simply by virtue of the fact that there's a hundred or so geeks all online at once, but us podcampers will also be adding rich media like audio and video to that mix, and you know it's going to be a miracle if anyone can get online on the wifi at peak times.

Now I just need to figure out how to share the EVDO bandwith over my wifi in ad-hoc mode... Hmmm.

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