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Why Podcamp Rocked


Originally uploaded by Bob Goyetche.

Bob from the Bob and AJ show snapped this picture at the bar after PodCamp. It really sums up why I love these events. I'm having a (apparently very fun šŸ™‚ ) conversation with Jay Moonah from Uncle Seth, Mike from the amazing video hosting and sharing service is just behind us there, and we're surrounded by tons more great people.

I would have enjoyed talking for hours with anyone there! I'm very much looking forward to this weekend's overnight at BarCampNYC2

Speaking of Jay, he's just launched Online Music Marketing, a new podcast about marketing your music, and how podcasts (and the podcasting community) can play a role in that for aspiring bands.

Check it out here:

It's required listening for any band trying to make it (either on their own or with a label), and anyone working to promote music.

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  1. 3 things:

    1) PodCamp did, indeed, rock.

    2) Eric, you also rock. VERY hard.

    3) I’m very optimistic about the new podcast rocking as well. I’d certainly love for folks to tune in and tell if if does, indeed, rock.

    Thanks bro, speak soon.

    – J.

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