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How to get started with ruby

I'm in the Ruby On Rails presentation at BarCampNYC2 right now, and I'm sold. Ruby on Rails removes all the things I hate from web development and leaves me with what I love.

This is the short list of stuff I need to get up and running. It's mostly for me, but I figure I'll share it here for anyone else looking to get started with ruby.
Ruby on Rails presentation

* This is the source for everything related to ruby on rails, including the best RoR book right on the front.
* apache 2.2
* I didn't even know this was out yet! I'm using apt on centOS to manage my packages, including apache. This might take a custom compile, or at least some searching.
* mod_proxy load balance
* I don't know the full name of this, but there's 2 versions of this, and I want the load balancing one
* mongrel
* mongrel is the "servlet engine" of the ruby world. It's basically a mini http server that takes the ruby requests. You have to be careful to set up apache so that not everything gets sent to mongrel, because it's sloooow for static content.
* mongrel cluster - always run more than one, as each requst needs its own

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