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Oh yeah. I got a shirt :)

Oh yeah. I got a shirt 🙂

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I haven't been shy that I'm a huge fan of . Every time I meet someone from there, they're incredibly down to earth and are going out of their way to understand what the community wants and give it to them.

They sponsored BarCampNYC2, and I scored this t-shirt and got to meet the very awesome Justin Day. He'd even seen Felt Up TV!

Seriously, if you're thinking about doing anything resembling a video podcast, use . You'll thank me.

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  1. Great discussion! Love your ideas on self-regulation re: dvieces in the classroom. I agree that Digital Citizenship does need to be explicitly taught in the beginning (like manners), but that eventually the goal is that it just become expected behaviour.Your classrooms sound like amazing places I wish my kids had had these opportunities in their high school classrooms! I guess one of our big challenges is to try to encourage more teachers to engage in this discussion!!!

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