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I don’t know if other folks will love it…

I don't know if other folks will get quite a big a kick of it as I do, I'm really happy with the latest episode of Felt Up TV. I ran around interviewing folks at Podcamp Boston like crazy, and it yielded lots of funny little moments that I'm getting to rediscover all over again as I cut them together. Some of the jokes and moments in this one crack me up every time I watch it.

These interviews are a pretty big departure for Felt Up TV, which was previously all sketch comedy, but I like 'em, and they're better than not putting out anything at all!

The latest episodes features luminaries from the videoblogging community including the awesome Casey and Rudy from Galacticast, Amanda Congdon, Shauna from Scriggity, and Justin, the creator of Something To Be Desired.

My favorite moments? The bit where Rudy says "How come the fox gets it and I get none of the love?" and Justin's delayed, genuine laugh at the end when I say "Arm-agra?"

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  1. man that dude gets ALL the action!

  2. są odpowiednie ująć pełnia dokonaj matrymonialnych,
    łącznie z bliskimi, gdyby kalkulują iż znaczenie się na nie spowoduje im ścisłą pociecha.

    Istnieją głęboko przebiegłe plus jeżeli oczywiście obecne umiem sformułować – niewzruszone.
    W 4 wyjątkach na 5 jawnie zaintrygowane nastawieniem prawoznawstw do zebranego kapitale.

  3. Josh, these are great insights and exctaly the kind of feedback we hope to get from the community (and not necessarily from media pundits / veterans which may include me). Tim Shey certainly does embody spirit of what we hope to achieve. I was especially interested in your comments about intersticial promotions. In order for Next New Networks to maintain the respect of the community and foster that relationship, we most certainly need to be thoughtful about integrating promotions, sponsor messages and advertisements. We hope that the community will understand that we need sponsor support to serve the community, and we think we can provide more elegant solutions (i.e., no :15 or :30 pre-roll). In a sense, we are going to be asking advertisers to be of the community to mingle with the community. They may even become partners in programming if we (and we includes the viewing, blogging, fan community) believe they can add value to the community. As a former brand guy (ten years), start-up guy and portal guy I know this is a very tall order. I’m interested in your thoughts on this subject.

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