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How to turn off Firefox 2’s scrolling tab bar

After using it for a day, one more thing drove me batty about Firefox 2. With more than a few tabs open, they started scrolling all over the place, making it extremely difficult to jump back and forth between them.

Here's how to turn the tab scrolling feature off:

* Go to about:config
* Filter for the word tab
* set browser:tabs:tabMinWidth to 0

Maybe I'm stuck in my old ways, but I use tabbed browsing a LOT and so far, I don't count these two changes as improvements. I do love the dropdown list of tab names on the right though!

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  1. Thus far, I’m experiencing it really harsh that I can’t find a way yet to bring vertical tabbing to Firefox 2. Priceless for me with the Vertigo extension in 1.5 — I often have so many tabs open at a time, so just like any long menu or list, keeping them vertical is far more conducive to my experience.

    For overall tab improvements, tho, I can’t help but recommend Tab Mix Plus! The final 2.0-compatible one isn’t out yet, but the Release Candidate they’ve got out has proven pretty stable for me. 🙂

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