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Digg Video Thumbnails wordpress plugin

digg_video_thumbnail I just noticed that Digg now allows you to specify thumbnails that will appear next to Digg stories pointing to videos hosted on your site!

Digg already has cool video thumbnails at the right for youtube videos, but I use to host my videos, and I'd actually rather have my videos dugg right from To make it easy to specify thumbnails for each video, I've hacked together a quick wordpress plugin so I can do it right from the "write post" page.

This means that anyone running a videoblog on wordpress can install this plugin, get in touch with Digg, and start seeing thumbnails of their videos show up next to their Digg stories. I've just submitted Felt Up TV, so hopefully Digg will include thumbnails from there soon!

This is my first publicly released wordpress plugin, so please let me know in the comments if you find any bugs or need help with it, and I'll do my best to get it working for you.

Download the Digg Video Thumbnails wordpress plugin.

Remember, you have to let Digg know that you're including thumbnails before they'll start picking them up!

Installation procedure:

* Download the Digg Video Thumbnails plugin.
* Unzip the file and upload the plugin to ~/wp-content/plugins/
* Activate the plugin on the plugins page
* Specify a thumbnail for each video by editing the posts. You'll see a Video Thumbnail URL field where you can put the URL.
* Get in touch with Digg and let them know you're providing thumbnails using the "link element" method.

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  1. I e-mailed them to enable thumbnails on my website and they replied:

    Digg thumbnail program is meant for video hosting websites like Google
    video or YouTube video not for your website. If you have any other
    questions, please email us.

    Thank you,

    -The Digg Support Team.