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Plenty of Wiis at the Times Square Toys ‘R Us

Sara and I made a trip to purchase the Wii on Sunday, a day after launch. They were handing out bracelets in the 3 hour line, and we were among the first 10 who didn't get them.

We were bummed, but they told us that there would be more systems Monday.

Well, yesterday, I sauntered in right after they opened and picked up a Wii without waiting in much line at all! For about an hour after I picked up my Wii I couldn't stop smiling. I didn't realize quite how excited I'd gotten about this little game system.

Something about it's new take on gameplay that focuses on making it enjoyable for everyone rather than just "gamers" had me giddy to bring the machine home for the holidays.

I had this image of standing around the tv with our families waving the wiimotes, making noises as they tried to make the game work and laughing as they played.

Well, Sara and I broke the system open last night, and to me it's already worth every penny! Not surprisingly, I love the Wii, but the telling factor is that Sara does too. You can't help but get your whole body involved as you play, and it's a huge amount of fun. We played quite a bit of Wii Tennis last night - here's a clip:

We're saving the other games for the holidays, so that we're not already practiced at them when everyone goes to play for the first time. I can't wait!

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  1. lol… well done man!
    looks like you need to work on your back-hand..

    Oh, and PS: Don’t forget to use the strap when you bowl! I’ve seen a few broken tv screens πŸ˜‰

    congrats on your giddy purchase.. I felt the same when I broke down and bought the 360, worth every penny so far.

    Hope all is well sir!

  2. ha – yeah, I almost lost my grip on the wiimote once already, so I’ve been putting the strap on every time πŸ™‚

    My backhand has indeed fallen apart since golf-and-tennis camp!

  3. I had the forethought to preorder, everybody at work is supremely jealous.

    What’s your Wii friend code?

    Mine’s 2204-1804-0977-7680, add me!

  4. Oh, wow! Tell me you’re going to have that home around Christmas time!

    Golf-and-tennis camp?! Holy crap! That was so much fun. I think I got the “most improved” award for tennis one year.

    Yes, I was that bad.

  5. Yup πŸ™‚ It’s already packed in my bag for Thanksgiving visits, and it’ll certainly be traveling up for the holidays!

    I remember telling a long string of “you know you’re a duffer when” jeff-foxworthy-style jokes during the golf part of that camp πŸ™‚

    I guess we were younger than I remember, because I also recall picking up a snake and showing it to girls and almost getting run over by the instructors car as I tried to change his fuses for him (life lesson, never start a car that’s in manual without your foot on the brake; sometimes the owner doesn’t put the e-brake on).

  6. Glad you got your new baby! I expect to get mine sometime in 2010!! (No that’s not a reference to the stock issue, I’m just usually late to the party on this sort of thing)

  7. Eric! Are you going to be in the CP area this holiday?
    Brian contacted me to see if I’ll be around, and I will be in town! Not sure if you’re going home or not, but let me know man!

  8. It’s wierd– I added your friend code into my address book, You must have added mine because I got your mail, but I got it at my gmail account, not on the Wii. I can’t send you mail from the Wii, it’s greyed out, and I can’t see your Miis. Either we did something wrong or their server is funky.

  9. wow!!! you guys are so lucky you got the wii. i have beeen looking for it for a while but the worst part is is that my mom saw the wii and she was standing in line for the ds . so they asked her if u want the wii and she sed no cuz she dont know what it is . so now im stil looking for it and im not aloud to look for it on ebay …..

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