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Wii strap recall… Would that be a wiicall?

The Wii Replacement straps have arrived

Well, I have to say, Nintendo made a mistake, owned up to it, and moved to fix it really really quickly. The Wiimote safety strap has been breaking, leading to some flying remotes and broken TVs. Our replacement straps arrived Friday.

I don't think anyone really understands how Wii accidents happen until they play it for about 15 minutes. Even the most casual gamer will find themselves flailing about, and we've had several near misses already here with ours. I've personally lost hold of the Wiimote once, and a few things have been whacked with them inadvertently.

Funny enough, I consider the fact that people are getting this into these games a major triumph for Nintendo, and the beefier straps should solve at least part of the issue.

Slamming into things (in our case: laptop screens, stuff on the table, the other player), well, that part is still up to you.

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  1. “Would that be a wiicall?”


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