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Happy Australia Day from Clipmarks!

Adam is our resident Aussie here in the Clipmarks office, and he was awesome enough to bring in a few cans of Fosters in celebration of Australia Day! It's been an extremely intense week, and we've got so much amazing stuff coming that we're informally calling it "Clipmarks 2.0" here in the office. Seriously, some of this stuff is going to knock your socks off.

After a week of late nights, it was great to unwind a bit, hang out, and brainstorm over a beer.

Now, Sara and I are headed to California Pizza Kitchen for a much needed night out. Pizza has never sounded so good!

Adam on Australia Day

Eric On Australia Day

Skiff on Australia Day

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  1. i always thought aussies despised fosters?

    regardless nothing is better than working beer-in-hand.

  2. You’re spot on Alex, I never drank Fosters until I got to the States. Unfortunately it’s the only Aussie beer you can easily find here (like my corner deli which happened to have 3 cans left yesterday morning).

  3. You need to work out a micro-deal with Fosters for this promotion 😛 I think 1 free 6 pack would do it.

  4. Beaudy, mate.

  5. Fosters at work? WOW … I need to work there … do you serve Cabernet as well?

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