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Win $25,000 for creating a single vlog post!

$25,000 for a single video. For many of the folks I know creating "internet TV shows" that's a very significant amount of money. I have a feeling many of the vlogging luminaries will be taking a crack at this contest

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Jeff has just announced the Network2 “How to Watch Internet TV” Contest. Basically, make an episode of your Internet TV show, or a post to your videoblog, or a clip to post on or Revver or BrightCove or wherever you can share it with us. The theme should be “How to Watch Internet TV,” and if you work in there, it’ll really work for us.

You don’t have to be on Network2 to submit an entry, but if you’re not yet on Network2, you can always add your show for review.

All the details are here. I hope you give it a shot. Submissions are due by March 9th. Finalists will be announced the 16th, and the winner will be announced at Spring 2007 Video on the Net in San Jose. (We’ll fly the winner out).

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