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Twitter and the new era of Everywhere Messaging

I've just jumped into the twitter world with both feet, and I have to admit that I love it. You can't help but feel connected with folks as you get micro-updates about what they're up to.

Instant Messaging (IM) is not dead or even dying, but EM is about to change everything. While IM emphasizes the immediacy of the communication, EM can represent the value of the communication. Then again, like any communications channel, what gets transmitted can also be pure drivel. EM, however, has tremendous potential for solving some of the biggest problems I face on a daily basis, and have been thinking about for over a decade, most especially the idea of annotating the world around us and sharing key insytes about what is happening and what I see as the important matters of the day.

What is EM? EM is “Everywhere Messaging” - in particular, Text-Web-IM-Blog/Site.
I started thinking about the idea of EM the other day when I finally gave in to peer pressure and began to use my Twitter account.
With Twitter and other EM services, the purpose is not about communicating with another person instantly.

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