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Invisible measuring tape

Some of these make me burst out laughing here in the office, this one got me today! Check out i can has cheezburger for more.

Seen in Josh Bancroft's twitter stream

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invisible measuring tape
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PodCampNYC has moved – Video Walkthrough of the New Yorker Hotel

PodCampNYC hits my elevator
PodCampNYC, a new-media unconference I'm helping to organize, has grown beyond our wildest dreams!

We've made a decision as a group to move to The New Yorker Hotel to accommodate everyone and provide the best event possible. Join us April 6-7 to learn about podcasting and all things new-media, and to meet some of the best and brightest in the field.

Laura Allen and I got a chance to walk through the New Yorker yesterday, and I've assembled a quick video to give everyone a sneak peek of the space. We've got more than 100 sessions scheduled, so there's a lot of rooms! Check out this screencap of the draft schedule:

PodcampNYC draft schedule in Google Calendar - this is both scary and awesome!

The sheer number of sessions is almost overwhelming, but as I put sessions in place last night, I realized that the sessions are so strong that each room could be it's own conference in and of itself. I'm incredibly proud to be part of this right now!

Watch the video walkthrough:


“Bum Rush The Charts” today!

Purchase one track today to wake the music industry up and display the power of podcasting. Black Lab is a great podsafe band, and a portion of the profits go to set up a scholarship fund for a needy student.
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Today is the day! $0.99 to make a difference.

Purchase “mine again” today to help prove the power of podcasting and independent musicians, and to contribute to a good cause.

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Beautiful photo and post from Thomas Hawk of Zoomr

Thomas just twittered about this, and I was so struck by the photo and the post I had to clip it. I'm a flickr devotee, but I'm looking forward to seeing what innovations Kris and Thomas have built into Zoomr mark III
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For the past three days Kristopher Tate and I have been working on releasing the next version of Zooomr
Normally Kristopher sees a screen of code and just starts typing non-stop. Last night, after three days of no sleep the lines of code just melted into jibberish.
this has been Kristopher's life for much of the past six months. Working 18, 20 hour days trying to build something that we both love and our passionate about.

So a few minutes ago I woke up on Kristopher's couch and looked outside his window and say the most beautiful colors over the San Francisco Bay.
I think it shows the beauty of not only what a San Francisco morning looks like, but what a fresh start and a new day looks like.

Kristopher is back inside coding like mad right now. Both of us with a renewed sense of purpose and dedication and intense desire to build something really cool for the world of social photo sharing.
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Heading to SXSW – New “Skiff at SXSW” blog!

I'm gearing up for my trip to South By Southwest, and I've set up a new blog for the occasion! I'm going to be clip-to-blogging everything interesting I see around SXSW and Barcamp Austin, so I don't want to flood my loyal readers here. If you'd like to follow along, you can check out the "Skiff at SXSW" blog or subscribe to the feed.

By the way, if you're going to SXSW and you're not heading to Barcamp Austin, you've seriously got to come check it out. Sure, you'll have to skip a few talks at SXSW to attend, but there's going to be some seriously smart and passionate people sharing ideas at Barcamp. You'll be very glad you came.


Mac Tip – Quicksilver Comma Trick

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006: HOWTO: Quicksilver: The Comma Trick

Learn how to create a temporary stack in Quicksilver, so you can do stuff to (or with) a big pile of objects all at one time.

(Hint: As a Mac OS X screen demo, this is an episode you may prefer to watch at high-resolution)

Now consider a few possibilities of “The Comma Trick”

  • Makes it easy to select a bunch of items from all over your Mac without a lot of extraneous clicking, drill down, or temp folders
  • Add a bunch of bookmarks to the stack, hit Enter, and they’ll open all at once in your browser (in handy tabs if you have that enabled)
  • Select a bunch of coworkers from your Address Book and you can mail them one or more files (and without even opening

Never heard of Quicksilver and want to know more? Start here:

  • Quicksilver (home page)
  • Quicksilver (software) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  • Click the link to watch the screencast and hear Merlin's trick for making Quicksilver even more useful (it's the #1 reason I love my mac)
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    Is the Earth growing? Watch this clip and blow your mind.

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    I'm going to have to look into the science behind this theory more, but watch this video - it will definitely shake your ideas about the basic geological structure of the earth.
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    Check out “Copper”

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    I just stumbled upon this amazing webcomic through clipmarks. Each comic is a poignant little story with beautifully drawn art and an nice overall arc developing. I'm an an instant and huge fan.

    It reminds me of some of Bill Watterson's best work, and definitely left me with a little bit of that sweet "big picture" melancholy that certain Calvin and Hobbes strips did.

    Definitely worth checking out.

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    Yes Virginia, people still beatbox… and how

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    der Beatbox Hausmann

    von Robert Basic, 10.02.2007 13:29

    Hausfrauen, so macht Kochen Spaß:

    Hochgeladen von loranger

    via vowe

    Wow. This may just be the best bit of "internet video" I've seen. If you every doubted that there was real art on youtube and it's brethren, here's proof.
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    Lunar Eclipse

    See that little bright dot on the moon?

    See the rest of the photos