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Mac Tip – Quicksilver Comma Trick

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006: HOWTO: Quicksilver: The Comma Trick

Learn how to create a temporary stack in Quicksilver, so you can do stuff to (or with) a big pile of objects all at one time.

(Hint: As a Mac OS X screen demo, this is an episode you may prefer to watch at high-resolution)

Now consider a few possibilities of “The Comma Trick”

  • Makes it easy to select a bunch of items from all over your Mac without a lot of extraneous clicking, drill down, or temp folders
  • Add a bunch of bookmarks to the stack, hit Enter, and they’ll open all at once in your browser (in handy tabs if you have that enabled)
  • Select a bunch of coworkers from your Address Book and you can mail them one or more files (and without even opening

Never heard of Quicksilver and want to know more? Start here:

  • Quicksilver (home page)
  • Quicksilver (software) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  • Click the link to watch the screencast and hear Merlin's trick for making Quicksilver even more useful (it's the #1 reason I love my mac)
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