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Seeing this picture reminded me…

a mosh pit, of sorts.

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Back in college, I was an RA, which meant i had to organize all sorts of activities to get the kids on my floor together and build community.

One of the best activities I ever put together was a game called "uglyball".

The game was a mashup of paintball, football, and ultimate frisbee. We had this hideous nerf-like football (the uglyball), and I'd just been to a team building paintball exercise with the other RA's, so I wanted to recreate that awesomely liberating experience of getting so messy that you don't care with the students on my floor.

Sara and I went to Toys-R-us and bought safe, non-toxic, non-staining paint for kids, along with a bunch of sponges, and we worked out the rules. Just like ultimate, you can't run with the ball, only throw it to a teammate. If it drops, it goes to the other team.

And then comes the twist - the other team can hurl paint filled sponges at you. If you get hit, the ball turns over.

It didn't take very long for the game into disintegrate into chaos, with 50 people chasing each other around the field with paint-soaked sponges. We all trudged back to the dorms covered in color, looking like this photo, and laughing.

Hmm, maybe we should recreate the game for our weekly game of ultimate frisbee here in central park...

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