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At Clipmarks, we've started a daily video podcast called Clipiversity (short of for the Clipmarks University) featuring some of the stuff we learn on each day. I figured I'd drop an episode here in to give you a sneak peek. If you like the show, click here to subscribe

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11 amazing clips on the first Friday edition of Clipiversity video. We cover everything from grandmas growing horns to dangerous bike helmets in this episode of the Clipmarks Clipiversity.

Clips highlighted:

You can also see all of the clips we talk about on clipiversity by following the user "Clipiversity" on

* Internet Terrorism Judge, "What's a Website?", clipped by BobbyRutan
* Helmets attract Drivers closer : Increases risk of Accident, clipped by thefoxalmighty
* Florida Pub in Hot Water Over Ambiguous Bathroom Signs, clipped by cpltaiji
* What a total bitch!, clipped by spikechan42
* 5 Pressure Points To Relieve Body Discomforts, clipped by zephyr1
* Bully Sign: 'Don't Be Like Me', clipped by thisnamecantbetaken
* Study finds 25 countries block Web sites, clipped by dorine1722
* Granny grows horn, clipped by LorisKnight
* JERRY FALWELL — SAY HELLO TO RONALD REAGAN!, clipped by travislaborde
* Free guns in Virginia, clipped by kkcapricorn
* President Bloomberg?, clipped by kmcolo

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