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Video: Dave Clausen and his LED oscilloscope project

At this week's NYCResistor meeting, I shot some video of Dave Clausen's LED oscilloscope project. I set out to capture this video for Bre, since he's in Vienna at the moment and wants to learn shift registers, but once I saw the project I knew that it had to be shared.

We've all gotten excited about this project, and Dave has agreed to open up his code and document everything, but needs a little help creating the schematics, etc. Zack 'Hoeken' Smith of RepRap will be giving a demo on Eagle at the next NYCResistor meeting so we can create the schematic, and we'll be documenting this whole project from start to finish then.

Soon after that, we're looking to create a kit for this project to make it easy for people to duplicate it at home. It's a great project for learning audio processing, breadboarding using arduino, shift registers, and how to make and use an LED matrix. That, and it's just cool. I want one of these for my desk.

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