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Unbelievable artists you should know.

MissRogue pointed me to an artist I'd never heard of tonight, that I immediate purchased off amazon: Little Voiceby Sara Bareilles.

After thanking Tara for pointing me to a new great artist, I sent a recommendation for her to check out Edie Carey, which took me down the path of checking out when Edie is touring, listening to her music, and checking up on some of our other favorite indie artists like Rose Cousins and Meg Hutchinson. Right now, watching a youtube video of the three of them performing together is blowing my mind a bit.

What kills me is how good these artists are. They really deserve to be nationally known and given support have just as much potential for a hit record as anyone else, but that still won't happen, even with all the changes happening to the music industry.

Sara and I haven't gotten together a podcast in quite a while, so we don't have that outlet to help give musicians the exposure they deserve.

Instead, here's a short list of artists that you MUST check out.

ediecarey-2.pngEdie Carey (myspace)- Soulful, heartfelt lyrics, incredible melodies, and an inspired bluegrass infusion on her newest album that ties it all together

Rose Cousins (myspace) - A voice as naturally perfect as any I've heard, with incredible lyrics. We saw her open for Edie, and she's just got it. Looking forward to much more from her

Meg Hutchinson (myspace)- One of my first folk music favorites. Meg's got a completely unique sound, and lyrics that put you right in her in the middle of her.

Candid (myspace)- Ahh Candid. Inevitably, everyone who gets a chance to listen to the last 2 albums from this rock band from Syracuse wonder aloud why they're not this year's big hit. We've been wondering that ourselves for the last few years, actually, and all we know is that the fact that we get to see them perform in a tiny venue upstate for free is a crime. Not that we mind, but we wouldn't be surprised if they suddenly took off and we had to pay big $$ to see them in a stadium... For now you can download a few mp3s here

I'd love to hear about artists that you know that blow you away, but haven't gotten any love on a national scale. Drop some links in the comments!

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  1. i’d suggest! they’re west coast, but play from LA to vancouver. i saw them last week live and they blew me away.

  2. Eric, check out Rustic Overtones:

    They were just on the brink of making it big back in ’01, and then their label folded right before their CD was released. They broke up after that and just got back together last year, and their new stuff (as well as their classic material) is eclectic and fantastic.

  3. Johnny on The Rocks (
    A great hip/hop, punk, rock , hard to describe fusion. A new band with a great sound.

    The Vandon Arms (
    I’m a sucker for celtic infused punk, from The Pogues to Dropkick Murphy’s, I love it all. These guys are more Pogue, less Dropkick.

    Stuart Davis (
    You may have heard of him, you may not, either way, he’s great. Possibly the most original songwriter since Dylan.

  4. Hey Eric!

    I’m usually pretty bad at assessing popularity (it took me completely by surprise when I found out Death Cab had become a big deal) but I’ll give it a shot.

    Bel Auburn definitely hasn’t made a splash yet — to the point that they’re giving their current album (the very nice “Lullabies in A & C”) away for free.

    The Black Heart Procession is a little more established than that, but I’m the only one I know who listens to them. I guess I’d call their work the music of despair and persistence.

    I think Clan of Xymox is somewhat successful in Europe (they’re a Dutch goth/rock band) but either way, they’re definitely not very well known here in the States.

    Final Fantasy probably has a tough time getting attention because of the name, but his one album, “He Poos Clouds”, is fantastic. Beneath the superficially mannered surface, it’s all heartbreak and fury.

    I’m not sure whether Laura Veirs counts, but she definitely should be more successful than she is, and her music seems at least fairly close to being in line with your tastes, too. Her latest album, “Saltbreakers”, isn’t her best, but it’s still good.

    Same goes for Nina Nastasia, except that her latest is outstanding.

    I’m also a huge fan of Project Pitchfork, a German industrial band (which isn’t in the least bit melodically challenged despite their supposed genre) which may be popular in Europe but seems to be largely unknown here in the States. Highly recommended.

    And one of my absolute favorites is a Belgian rock band that often uses symphonic orchestration, Venus. Virtually unknown in the states, but fantastic.

    Hope this gives you some new stuff to listen to!


  5. you can grab all of the following from emusic:

    The Blow: super catchy electronic pop. music video

    DJ /rupture: Prolific masher upper of sounds from around the world. Nothing else like it.

    Glass Candy – don’t miss their excellent cover of kraftwerk’s ‘computer love’

    Solex: quirky off-kilter music that’s still extremely listenable. music video

  6. Eric…

    From Scotland, in very different styles, and not a bagpipe anywhere….

    [|Hollow Horse], who have the most wonderful voice in singer/songwriter Kenny Little. A new album is due any day now.

    [http://|The Boy Lacks Patience] – piano, showtune-y, modern ballads, otherwise indescribable but fabulous.

    [|Drop Kick], an “alt-country power pop band”, by their own admission. Lyrics, lyrics, (and more funny) lyrics, not to mention the harmonizing of the Taylor brothers.

    Now, if only the [|Hotrod Cadets] would resurface, I’d be a happy woman indeed.


  7. The Vincent Black Shadow

    Their punk pop throwback cabaret sound had me from the start. Very original in their arrangement. They have seen slight success but have not reached anywhere near where they deserve to be. I saw them at Staten Island College and her voice just blew me away. The lead singer Cassandra ford is 5 foot nothing and belts it out live. She also creates some amazing artwork that can be seen at and

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