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New tune – and check out Noel's new project!

I just uploaded my 4th gameboy music track, "All of Us." It took a LOT of revisions to get me happy with this one, but I was able to bend it to my will and I'm really digging the second half. I'm going more in that "soundtrack-style" direction for my next song. I'm determined to finish my album, but I can't decide how many tracks that should be. 12 seems right, but I might stop before then if I feel finished.

In the meantime, Noel Hidalgo go in touch the other day to ask if my music was free to use under a Creative Commons license, which it most certainly is - the super-permissive "Attribution" license that simply asks for credit with no other restrictions.

Since that means anyone can use my tunes in anything they want, he grabbed a copy of "Underclocked" to use in his latest episode of - his new videoblog about becoming a taxi driver (also known as a "hack"). Here's the episode, where he finally cuts off the hair and beard he grew during his last project:

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  1. thanks for making such lovely music! i didn’t know if you had cc’ed your juice, but now that i know i want MORE!!!

  2. I loved that episode, and specifically Loved the music when I watched it a few days ago… and somehow didn’t notice it was yours…. now I love it even more…

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