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What's your "Earth Day Fix"

Dog brushing teethLast night, Sara noticed that I always run the water while brushing my teeth, which honestly is a total waste. There's no need for it to be running, it's just habit.

Instead of "going green" or making some other token effort today, I'm going to actually make a small fix in the way I do things. From now on, I won't waste that water every day when I brush my teeth. It's a small thing, but it's a lot of fresh clean water going down the drain just because I've always done it that way.

So, this is my challenge to you: what one small thing can you change today and going forward that will make a little bit of difference. When you've figured out what it is, twitter it, and tag it #EDF (earth day fix).

(Photo credit: mms0131, CC-BY-SA)

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  1. White people love to make a difference šŸ˜‰

    (Sorry. Couldn’t resist. You know I love you. I just can’t resist an opening. Half-Jewish. Genetic character flaw.)

  2. Hahaha – It’s okay, I pretty much set it up. šŸ™‚

    I know this isn’t a big deal, but I was being stubborn about it for no good reason, and instead of making my webpage green or some other ineffectual thing, I figured I’d stop being wasteful in one small way, and challenge others to do the same.

  3. thanks for coentnmimg. We all know you are real, with your hearts in the right place, and are just doing all this for the newmedia community. I hope you don’t mind all your info being composited like that. But it’s only a small part of what I found about you and Jared online. It’d all available publicly. If either Syndey or Perth wins, I hope PodCamp is a success. @Kat One thing that does tend to happen with distribution of information is if the key people you give it to in the other networks don’t distribute you are lost. Or if they make a personal decision for the industry segment that it is not of interest then again the information is often not distributed. This I find tends to happen in focus groups (such as user groups). It is a problem. It has happened a bit with WebJam Perth. BarCamp suffered from this problem. Mind you we did very well for a first run. Hope to met you f2f before ByteMe.

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