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Lunar Eclipse

See that little bright dot on the moon?

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How to survive a Zombie Uprising

Wisdom from the bathroom wall:
Instructions for surviving a zombie crisis


  1. Know who's a stand up dude in the event of a zombie crisis.
  2. Aim for the brain pan.
  3. Always save a bullet for yourself.

Rules to live by.

(PS - if you haven't seen Shaun of the Dead yet, rent it now. Sara and I were skeptical, but it turned out to be one of the funniest movies I saw last year.


The beauty of sharing

I posted a bunch of photos to DeviantArt as free stock photography back in 2001-2002. I've since mostly forgotten about them but occasionally someone uses one of them and it just makes me smile. It's collaboration not only across the globe, but across time.

I just got a message today that my spooky tree photo was used in this beautiful piece below.

Sleeping Fairy by ~hemalitanna on deviantART


Sometimes, the most beautiful things are right at your doorstep.

This amazing giant sunflower is growing in the garden across from the door to our apartment building. It's at least 10 feet tall and when you look up at it from the street it's so tall that all you can see is sky behind it and you get this incredible mix of blues, yellows and greens.

Giant sunflower in the morning sun
Giant sunflower in the morning sun


Aesthetics: A hidden gem on Wikipedia

When spell-checking a word, I often just type it up in the google bar of firefox. It generally gets the job done, but it's not the most reliable way of finding the correct spelling. For example, looking up "ordourves" brings up plenty of confirmation that you're correct, but in reality you'll just be joining lots of other people in mis-spelling hors d'oeuvre.

This morning, I was checking on the word Aesthetic using the "just google it, I'm in a hurry" method, and found this lovely article on wikipedia.

Not only did it list the correct (and alternate) spellings, but it also answers some heady questions:


* What counts as "art?"
* What should we judge when we judge art?
* What should art be like?
* What is the value of art?

I thought it was a nice little early-morning treat, so I figured I'd share!


Happy BlogDay 2006 – 5 Great blogs you’ve got to check out!


About BlogDay

What will happen on BlogDay?

In one long moment In August 31st, bloggers from all over the world will post a recommendation of 5 new Blogs, Preferably, Blogs different from their own culture, point of view and attitude. On this day, blog surfers will find themselves leaping and discovering new, unknown Blogs, celebrating the discovery of new people and new bloggers.

My Picks

  • Copyblogger
    • Copyblogger gives "Copywriting tips for online marketing success." I love copyblogger because it's unapologetic about its purpose. While Brian writes amazingly helpful tips on how to structure headlines, write content, and generate buzz and publicity, he's busy doing it himself right there on copyblogger, and you can see it working. I've already picked up quite a few gems from him myself!
  • Images of Life
    • I added this little photoblog to my daily read list a few weeks back just to see the amazing images come through. Some of the most amazing portraits and nature shots you'll ever find, and Courtney is always busy creating more (and is available for hire if you're in the Utah County area)
  • information aesthetics
    • I'm constantly working with databases and datasets, creating ways to add information, and occasionally, extract it. Extracting it is the hard part, as it's equal parts engineering and design. Often, an access report is woefully deficient, but it's what we've got, right? Wrong! Information Aesthetics show you what you can really do with data. Each day, Andrew finds more tools, tricks, and just plain cool ways of turning dry data into inspiring infographics and even, dare I say it, art.
    • Omar's been on my blogroll forever, but I figured I'd highlight him here, as he's been a bit more active lately. He's one of the smart folks inside Microsoft working on the "live" series of products. When I first caught up with him, they were making some changes to hotmail to keep up with gmail, and they've been stepping it up ever since. It's great to be able to peek behind the curtain a bit and see what's got the people that work at microsoft excited.
  • brooklynvegan
    • I recently tuned-in to brooklynvegan when looking for blogs that covered the music scene here in NYC. Keeping up with everything and looking for great bands to feature on The Alternative Music Show ( can be a big job, but brooklynvegan (whose real name I couldn't dig up!) covers so much stuff that I barely have time to read it all. It's amazing to have such a great compilation of music news from NYC all in one spot.


74 free desktop wallpapers

A few days back, I got some nice encouragement from my mom. Moms are perennial cheerleaders by their very nature, but this particular compliment on my photos got me thinking that I should collect my best desktop oriented shots and make them easily available to download. They're already freely available through flickr under the creative commons attribution-shareAlike license, but I wanted to assemble my personal favorites.

Download the wallpapers as a self-extracting zip file.

Just run the file in the directory where you want the photos. The package is also available as a straight zip file

I highly recommend "John's Background Switcher" which allows you to select specific photos to rotate on your background and even lets you specify a flickr user, tag, or set.

Here's a preview of what the photo package contains:

one among many with the sky broken but beautiful Dag gum! 20060718_North_carolina 062 20060718_North_carolina 051 20060718_North_carolina 037 falling water falling water falling water falling water falling water Flowers and sky Flying in formation Aww... It likes me Flowers from the walk to the car Frisbee mid-flight Beachgrass and sun Beachgrass and sun Sunrise on the beach Sunrise on the beach Sunrise on the beach Sunrise on the beach Alien land Subway Sleepers Astoria Sunset I never get tired of raindrops on leaves raindrops look like candy Monster Servers Upstate 073 Upstate 032 Bumblebee on the Lupine Bumblebee on the Lupine This would be a much cooler picture if they were real penguins SeaWorld 142 BIg fish SeaWorld 052 flower macro Water fountain water droplets mid air Kermit the frog on the hollywood walk of fame Hollywood 009 Lilly Pad where the water washes away the highway sunset on the ocean wildflower weed up close scenic overlook fisheye purple ribbon flower closed Translucent orange flower More plants I've never seen before More plants I've never seen before indigo impatient sunset and a storm a the hoover dam sunset on the hills a the hoover dam The watershow at the Bellagio long road to the moutains IMG_5684 IMG_5646 Antique calendar gadget See-through leaves Rooftop Pool Fireflower 3 droplest unedited pink glaciers Triton stands before the storm Hydrangea macro Hydrangea blossomLight from Provincetown Weird spore-case macro Plum blossom Beachgrass and blue sky Colonial sunset Neverending soundboard


One of my photos turns up on


I release all of my photos (and just about anything I do, actually) under an open source license in the hopes that people will like what I've done and pick it up and use it elsewhere. I got a flickr message today letting me know that was using my picture of the Astoria pool. WNYC is running a story about NYC using pools and large airconditioned spaces as "Cooling Centers" during the heatwave, and decided my photo fit the bill.

I love that they used the photo, and I love that they sent me a note on flickr to let me know they used it. This is a media organization that gets it!


Happy Tax Day

Tax Day, New York City

Originally uploaded by Amit Gupta.

Taxes are due by Midnight tonight - which means that the annual scramble to get them done and postmarked begins around, oh, I don't know, 10pm?

Luckily, Sara and I finally got ours polished off a few days a go, but college-style procrastination certainly takes hold of few New Yorkers each year.

The giant US post office on 34th and 8th is open till' midnight, and as you can see in Amit's photo to the right from last year, it becomes a mob scene of tired New Yorkers, all waiting to turn in their homework.

Considering it took 30 minutes to get an express label from the slowpokes there a week ago, I don't envy those waiting there tonight, but it does sound a lot like a convention: lots of people doing the same thing you are, standing around and chatting.

Except, instead of Star Wars or Comics, it's taxes.

(P.S. while you're having a look at Amit's photos from last year's tax melee, be sure to check out his and Kara's awesome review of tiny and ingenious tripods over on PhotoJojo)


So close!

So close!

Originally uploaded by Glitch010101.

I literally just yelled out "son of a poop!" in my office. I got so excited about Tara mentioning Felt Up that I missed 123456. After all that hype!

Our first internet coverage!. Tara (aka miss rogue) is an marketing genius in the new, community based, cluetrain driven sense. She's the major muscle behind Riya's successes so far and this is a very very nice compliment indeed.