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Clipiversity needs your diggs!

Clipiversity, our new video podcast where we feature interesting things we learn on has been approved on Digg's podcast section. I'd really appreciate your diggs to help get the show onto the "up and coming" list. Suggestions and comments about the show are always appreciated as well. Thanks!

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Blog Fatigue is a real threat to bloggers everywhere, but there is a cure…

Since I started at clipmarks, I've seen our addon as an incredible blogging tool just waiting to happen, with the potential to rival tools like performancing (aka ScribeFire) and Flock. The clipmarks addon makes it super-easy to pull out the best part of any web page and talk about it, so it seemed only natural that we should let you post those clips to your blog as well as to our site.

Launched as part of Clipmarks 2.0, Clip-to-blog makes makes it completely easy to grab pertinent stories, quotes, pictures, and videos, add your two cents, and post it directly to your blog. (watch the demo to see it in action)

I was very excited when we launched clip-to-blog a few months ago, but we hadn't unleashed its full potential until today. As of last night's upload, you can now save multiple blogs with Clipmarks and post to any number of them at once. Anyone with more than one blog knows it can be a pain to keep on top of them. Especially if you've got several different blogs on various topics, keeping the content fresh everywhere can be next to impossible unless you're a full time writer.

Lets say, for example, you've got a blog about marketing, a music podcast where you also blog occasionally, and a personal blog. If you come across something relevant to both your marketing blog and your music show's audience, you can quickly clip the interesting part of the page, add some comments, and post to both of them instantly. Since your blog info is saved with clipmarks, posting to one or many of your blogs is amazingly quick and easy. is also a treasure trove of interesting clips about just about any topic, so if you need to freshen up some of your blogs, you can search for topics that interest you and post great clips that other clippers have found right from there as well.

We blog because we want to write and talk with people about topics that interest us. Unfortunately, a lot of blogging ends up being the minutia of getting pictures uploaded, tweaking html, and stressing about the fact that you haven't updated in ages. Clip-to-blog makes it easy and fun to blog again, and with this update it's an incredible tool for powerbloggers. So, what are you waiting for? Get the addon, add some blogs, and get clip-to-blogging 🙂


Where’s Eric gone? Clipmarks, Twitter, Flickr, and a new project!

Updates here have been light for the past few months, but that doesn't mean I've stopped writing. I'm getting a bit of a queue built up for a new project (currently in stealth mode) which is a lot of fun. I've actually planned out the first year of the blog for that project, and I'm doing quite a bit of the writing ahead of time to be sure that I've can continue to momentum, even as life tries to get in the way.

In the meantime, I'm of course clipping and commenting up a storm over at I've also become quite addicted to twitter. If you're on twitter, you can find me here: New photos are always going up on Flickr as well! Last, but not least, Sara and I are still doing The Alternative Music Show.

If you're in NYC and want to play some frisbee, Mike from and I have been putting together a friendly game of ultimate most weekends. Drop me a line at frisbee AT and let me know if you'd like to join in!