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Win Ewan’s Stuff – Everyone Gets A Prize

Ewan Spence, our friend and fellow TPN podcaster is moving, and has to shed some of his stuff. For £5 (roughly $10), you get entered in a raffle for his best geekery and best of all, everyone wins! You might get some VHS tapes or you might get an mp3 player and freakin' digital camera! Either way, you get the excited "kid on christmas" suprise of opening that envelope and seeing what's inside. Here's his post:

Win My Stuff - Everyone Gets A Prize

So I’m moving house. And it’s from a house into a flat, with much less storage space. And that means I’ll be throwing out a huge amount of stuff, from arcane videos, random cassettes and DVD’s, books, gadgets, stuffed toys, old and classic PDA’s, mobile phones… And I can’t be bothered setting up a car boot sale.

So I’m going to create a massive prize raffle. It’s this simple. Paypal me £5, your name and address, and I’ll put together a pacakge of some of the best stuff I’m giving away and send it to you. I want to give all of this a good home, and I’ll keep picking stuff till I reach the weight limit on standard postage. If you want to enter more than once, then feel free.


Ewan and C.C. Join Forces for “Accident MASH”

I've been listening to C.C. Chapman's Accident Hash since back before I had an mp3 player. It's an amazing mix of podsafe music, and C.C.'s just a cool guy to boot.

If you've seen my pictures from South by South West, you know I hung out with Ewan Spence and found out about his amazing Rock Show on The Podcast Network. I've listened to every episode since, and at Ewan's encouragement, Sara and I joined TPN ourselves!

C.C. and Ewan were both at Podcast Day 2006 in Germany, and joined up to create an Accident Hash / TPN Rock mashup: Accident Mash

Aside from the fact that it's fun to hear two of my favorites together, these two have both got awesome, rocking playlists, and the joint show is incredible!

C.C. and Ewan
Listen to the show