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Resistor Anthems

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Resistor Anthems


All songs are released under a Creative Commons Attribution License, please feel free to use them in your projects, games, podcasts, videos, or whatever you like, just be sure to let me know so I can link back to you!


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  1. Cheers, mate. You’re a life saver!
    I used 12 seconds of “Chibi Ninja” as my opening on my Youtube video let’s plays.
    Thanks again ^_^

  2. Hi Eric,
    We used your song Hhavok main for the Kickstarter video of our game, Pixel Glory – Pets Expansion. Credits are at the end of the video. Thanks a lot, sounds great.

  3. Thank you so much! The musics are so great!! I’m using on final of my video on YouTube. The next video where I’ll be use the music “Come and Find Me” will be release on next monday 03/02/2015. Here my channel’s link:

  4. I will use some tunes for game, it’s not ready yet, if i finish it I will post a coment with a link.

  5. Hi, me and my friend are starting up a youtube channel and would like to use your music in it if you wouldn’t mind. Please contact me when you see this. Thanks!

  6. Please contact me, i want your musical skills for an RPG.
    I gladly pay you, love your stuff !

  7. Hi Eric,
    Not sure of the best way to contact you but….I’m working on an 8-bit game for iOS, which I’m tweeting about here:- I like your music and I’d like to request permission to use some of your work. The particular tracks i’m interested in are “Chibi Ninja”, “Jumpshot” and “We’re all under the stars”. Of course, I would include you in the credits for the game. I *think* under the Creative Commons license I am free to use the tracks as long as I credit you, but I wanted to reach out and also ask for your permission.

    Tim Webster

  8. Hey Erik. I will be using your album for my 2D Platform game. It will be used for commercial use. Not to earn money but in a game developing contest. I will give u credits.
    “Music by Erik Skiff”

  9. I am using HHavok main as my background music on this website I am publishing for class.

  10. Hi, I used your music in my videogame demo “kepler: mass destruction”, I also mentioned your name in the credits of the game! Thx!

  11. Hey I Took resistor anthems 1 and uploaded it to youtube for people to enjoy.

  12. I am planning on using “Resistors” on a computer fair animation project, but I need your specific permission, please email with permission, as soon as possible

  13. Hey. I’m using a few pieces of music for a game I’m making for a school competition. Thanks for being awesome!

  14. Hey letting you know that your music is awesome and I would like to use it in future videos for youtube.

  15. I used your awesome chiptunes on my gaming podcast. Check it out here


  16. I use “Chibi Ninja” for my cat video on youtube, i hope that its alrite. if not please tell me, i’ll pull it down

  17. I (might – not confirmed yet) use your music on a game we’re creating for an university project.

  18. I am going to use one of your song in my Triage X – Nurse Ar Gere Fight Dieases For You Trailer Review

  19. Hi Eric ! Thank you for your album, i really like it ! :)
    I made an Indie game on IOS ! i putted your music here ! ^^

    Name of game : WallB !

  20. Hi,
    Awesome music! I am going to use your songs in my iOS game! :)

  21. Hey Eric, is it ok to use your songs as a backing track for a youtube gaming video (a Lets Play) and I’ll give you credits in it and link to your page?

  22. Eric,
    Thanks for your awesome work. I am using your music in a game called NinjaDash on the Google Play Store. I hope to have an iOS version as well. Chibi Ninja was the perfect song for the bgm.
    Thanks again,
    Caleb Quick

    (If you want to check it out its here: )

  23. Hi! I would like to use some of your song Chibi Ninja for an intro to a series I call retro arcade! Would this be alright?

  24. we are using your song come and find me for our video game

  25. Hi,
    Awesome work! I am going to use the music in my game! :) You will be credited.

  26. hey we are going all of us and we’re the resistors for our game.

  27. I’m going to use “A Night Of Dizzy Spells” for my YouTube intro, if that’s okay with you. =D

  28. Thanks man! I used the underclocked soundtrack for my new (and first) game “Goat Run”.

  29. Great music! I’ve started a YouTube channel recently. and two of your tracks “Come and Find Me” and “A Night of Dizzy Spells” fit perfectly for my first animated intro/outro clips.

  30. Thank you for creating this awesome music! My team and I used Arpanauts and We’re All Under the Stars for our game called Potential for Life, and we attributed it to you.

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