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Resistor Anthems

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Resistor Anthems


All songs are released under a Creative Commons Attribution License, please feel free to use them in your projects, games, podcasts, videos, or whatever you like, just be sure to let me know so I can link back to you!


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  1. ..honestly, i visited this two times already thinking if i’ll use this. But listening to this musics really change my mind.. ^_^ i love the music. I’ll gonna use some for my game. I’ll just post the URL once finished.

  2. Just want to say thanks for producing such great music under a CC license. I have used ‘Jumpshot’ in a short video showing a game I created for a college project. Thanks again! :)

    The video can be found at

  3. Hello!
    Im going to use the song “A Night of Dizzy” in my game ( my first game) =)

  4. ..finally, i finished my game and here’s the link.. can check it out if you want.^_^ tnx for d’ music

  5. hi, im a korean

    Your song I want to use my promotional video.
    For public institutions of the video library.

    Here you will be able to see. After making.

  6. I used the end Chibi Ninja for the intro to an upcoming series of Let’s Plays of retro games. Fits really well, thanks!

  7. Hey Eric, I’m using “Chibi Ninja” in an Android game (Glider Cats).

    Thanks heaps!


    I used your music here for my video. Love it man. Thanks! :)

  9. I downloaded the Chibi Ninja one. Think I might use it in a video. When I do I’ll post your link there. Thanks!

  10. Wow, this album is amazing. It drew me into chiptune. Thanks a lot for such wonderful music! I’m using it for a creative commons game project, but I listen to it on my mp3 all the time.

  11. Eric Skiff,

    I am making a game as an university project, and it is called Precious Stones. I came to your website and found your musics. I used two of them in my project. I hope you like the way I used them, and thanks for making such great musics! The link to the game is here:

    Hope you play it and enjoy!

    Leonardo Sanada.

  12. Me and my brother are doing a series on youtube and are using your music as the outro. Just thought i’d swing by and say i really enjoy your music and it’s pretty cool that you put this under a creative commons license. If you wanna check it out the channel is – JD

  13. I am going to use your great song underclocked for my game Infinite Pixels. Hope there is no problem.

  14. Hi Eric,

    First of all, I would like to say, awesome chiptune music! I especially like the Chibi Ninja track. It is also wonderful you have made your album free to download and use.

    I am currently building an iOS game and wanted to give you a heads up that I might use some of your tracks on it. Although it is not a retro/pixel platformer or RPG, I’m thinking of using chiptune music for it and I think some of your tracks might go well with it.

    If I’m definitely going ahead, then I will confirm with you again. Please feel free and drop me an email or check out my website, if you wish.

    Keep up the good work!

  15. I have used ‘A night of dizzy spells’ in this Youtube channel

    Thanks a lot for the song, great work :D

  16. I’m releasing a free game on OUYA soon after my console arrives (which is hopefully soon!) and I have included some of your music!

    Web site:

    The game will be better than the web site, I assure you :)

    I will leave another comment when it is live. Thanks for sharing your music!

  17. Loved your music, using one of your songs as my new intro for my youtube videos. Thank you for your great music.

  18. Hi Eric,

    I am contacting you on behalf of Ogilvy and Mather. We developed a video game called “Cloud Jumper” for IBM. It is an 8-bit computer game promoting their Cloud Services.

    We downloaded the song “A Night of Dizzy Spells” from your site, and it seems to be the best option for us creatively. Could you please provide me with written confirmation that the music is covered under the Creative Commons Attribution License?

    Many thanks!


  19. Hey, we’re a gaming channel over on youtube,
    we’ve used your music for the intro and outro on this video

  20. Hi Eric,

    Here’s a link

    I used the Underclock.
    Thanks for sharing your music, my game is now a lot livelier.


  21. using some of your stuff for my scratch game thanks for it :)

  22. Hi, thanks for releasing your songs under a creative commons attribute license. I used the song “Come and Find Me” in one of my flash animation projects for school.

    Thanks a lot. =)

  23. Thank you very much for this.. I’m making a game as we speak.. you music is amazing!

  24. Hello, amazing tracks thank you very much. We are using two tracks for a school project if that wouldn’t be any problem. The game won’t be publicly published nor promoted. It’ll only stay within the schools team. Any comments I’ll hear about, thank you once more.

  25. Hey, thanks for the music! I am going to use a few of these music tracks in my entry for FBLA Computer Game and Simulation Programming.

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