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Resistor Anthems

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Resistor Anthems


All songs are released under a Creative Commons Attribution License, please feel free to use them in your projects, games, podcasts, videos, or whatever you like, just be sure to let me know so I can link back to you!


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  1. Hello,
    I used your music on an Youtube video:
    Credit will be given. :)

    Thank you for the music, it’s awesome!

  2. Hello,
    I would like to use the Music “A Night Of Dizzy Spells” on my youtube chanel.

    Great 8-bit song. Congrats!

  3. Great music! Is it fine if I use it in my YouTube videos?
    I’ll be sure to credit you!

  4. I’m loving all your music man, I would love to download all of these tracks to listen to recreationally :P.

    I’ve used one of your tracks, Chibi Ninja in a University project. I’ve accredited you and I will reference you properly in the referencing section too, Thanks so much!

  5. So good. I may be using a few of your songs in a game i’m making. Will credit you in the project if so

  6. can i use one of these in my video game

  7. can i use one of these songs in my video game

  8. hey man thanks for the tune it will be used in one of my Vlogs at alton towers on youtube thanks again Luke n Charl Vlogs

  9. Hello Eric,
    Thank You man for making this awesome album
    I’m planning to use We’re The Resistors for my Opening and background music on my Youtube Channel, Krribsy inc. I found this great connection between the song and my channel theme, Pop Culture. I’ll make sure that i’ll always put your name on credits on my channel description “We’re The Resistors by Eric Skiff –”


  10. Hello Eric,
    Making a windows phone app for my final project, gonna be a hex to binary converter game. Planning to use some of your music to play in the background.

  11. Hi! This music is great! I used one of the tracks in a game I made for a class on the value of video games in education. You can find the game here:

  12. I used a few songs for my game hope You dont mind

  13. Hi, my friends and I plan on using the music for our game we are submitting to the YGD competition.
    Thanks very much!

  14. Hey, will be using your song Chibi Ninja for a game I’m creating. Hope you won’t mind.
    Thanks a lot!

  15. Maybe i will use this song for my game: Underclocked

    Thanks for all

    Tell me if you want to appear on the credits.
    Sorry for my bad inglish 😉

  16. Me again
    Can i use this music for a game on PlayStore?

  17. I used 2 songs from your playlist into my new game for a college game competition. The link to your album has been listed on the end credits.
    Thank you!

  18. Hello Eric,

    I wanted to let you know that i’m using one of my songs for my demo reel. I will be crediting you! Thank you for the awesome music.

  19. I used your whole album in a juke box Java application in my class at Pace University, where I’m teaching.

  20. there it is, thanks Eric!

  21. Hey! I love your songs! I would like to use the track “Chibi Ninja” for a casual Game I’m doing right now ( It’s in alpha by now) called “Olivia, come Back” I can set you as tester if you want!

  22. I’m using your music in my LD game! Thanks :)
    I’ll be sure to link to you!

  23. Hey Eric,
    Just wanted to let you know how awesome your album is. I was hoping to use a few songs in my class video game project. Thanks for being so talented!

  24. These are great :) I think I’ll use some of them for my game I’m presenting at ECGC. When I finish the game, I’ll upload it to my website.

  25. Thanks for the tunes . I am using ‘were the resistors’ in my video game . They are awesome 😀

  26. I’m developing a game now, and i use your jumpshot track to my game BGM. I’ll let you know when the game ready :)

  27. Hello Eric, I just came across your music and added one of your tracks to my video. I used “Underclocked” and added a credit at the end. I will post it on Facebook on my page, Jim Corbett and plan on sharing it on the group SCKA and Friends. I think your music really works with this video. If I also post it on YouTube I will up-date you. Thanks

  28. I’m using your music for a Scratch project.
    Link is:
    Your music is amazing!

  29. Hi, I have used your music “Come and find me” for the #LOWREZJAM 2016.
    You can find the game here if you want to play:×64-ufos

    I got a lot of positive feedback about your music. Thanks for that!

    I look forward to use another one of your song on one of my future game and I hope to help you to show around more your website.

    Thank you again for your amazing music!

  30. Hey, I used “Jumpshot” for my introduction in this video. Thank you!

  31. I’m using your music in a game for my senior project. I’ll be sure to list you in my credits and sources! thanks!

  32. Will use A night of dizzy spells for a game

  33. Will use A night of dizzy spells for a game
    Thank You

  34. Awesome tunes mate … I used them in my game for Ludum Dare 35.

  35. I would love to use your music on my channel ParraTV.
    Can I just link you in the description is that enough?
    Please mail me.

  36. Hi I would like to use chibi ninja on my youtube video. Channel name is The Fandom Clan! Thanks! Your music is fantastic!!!

  37. I ask permission to use your song A Night Of Dizzy Spells in a 2048 game with retro look. This game will be hosted in a arcade machine cabinet. I will upload a youtube when finished.

  38. Hey Eric,
    I would want to use two of your 8-Bit tracks in a non-commercial video Game im creating for fun right now. Would be nice if I can use it, I write your name in the Credits + the Song name

  39. Hey Eric,
    Thanks so much for creating awesome music! I’ve used “A Night of Dizzy Spells” as the intro and outro of my gaming channel, with you linked and credited of course :)

  40. hi will use HHavok-main for a scratch game thanks

  41. Added to my App Blocked: and will link back to my website:

  42. Hey I used your song Arpanauts in the trailer for my game Blastercell

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