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Resistor Anthems

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Resistor Anthems


All songs are released under a Creative Commons Attribution License, please feel free to use them in your projects, games, podcasts, videos, or whatever you like, just be sure to let me know so I can link back to you!


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  2. Hi,

    Can I use one of the music for my android game which I will release next week.

  3. hello, thank you for the music, i’ve used that in my space game :)

  4. I am going to use some of your GREAT music to make an indie RPG called “5 Days” Thank you for posting these on creative commons licence, J8Coding

  5. Hi Eric,

    We used a few of your songs in our game on Newgrounds, 8 Bit Infection

    Thanks for putting them up for people to use.

  6. Hello Eric,
    Used 2 songs in a Youtube video asking the question, “Why Video Games?”
    Great work, and thank you!

  7. gonna use 2 songs for our game will send link when we finish it.

    thank you!

    and great 8bit music keep it up!

  8. Hey and many thanks for your awesome music!
    We used it here!
    And gave you credit at the end. Hope that’s fine.

  9. We’re gonna be using a couple songs for our project for the global game jam. they sound stellar and i’ll link to it when it’s complete

  10. Hey Eric, Berial Plays here (gaming youtuber)

    Used Jumpshot for an intro and background song! I’d love to keep using it for my intros!

    Thanks for your hard work!

    Youtube Page:

  11. Hey Eric!

    I’m using a few of your songs in a game I’m developing (currently no link or anything, sorry!) — thanks a whole bunch for making these! Your work is super nice! <3

  12. Hey there,

    Really loved your tracks, and am using “We’re the Resistors” (attribution in vid description) for an intro reel – video at

    Don’t have much besides the intro reel there at the moment, but wanted to say thanks for making such great music.


  13. Hey,

    I used some of your awesome songs for my game “Eye Am Searching”.
    Game can be played here:

  14. Hey Eric; using Arpanauts as a temporary tack for the outro of my videos. Excellent music!

  15. Hey!

    I used two of your songs for my new podcast:

    Thank you so much for letting us use those great songs!

  16. Love the music dude used some in several youtube videos on my channel :)

  17. Great stuff. Used it here —->

  18. I used one of your songs for a small game I made.
    here’s a link

    Thank you for music kind sir.

  19. I just want to ask you to use these songs for commercial if you don’t mind. If not, please email me. My manager wants to contact you about this.

  20. Hey I will be using some of these songs in a video game design project course that I am currently taking!

    Thanks so much!

  21. Hi! I’d like to use a couple of these in my android games, will follow up with links to games thanks!!

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