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Resistor Anthems

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Resistor Anthems


All songs are released under a Creative Commons Attribution License, please feel free to use them in your projects, games, podcasts, videos, or whatever you like, just be sure to let me know so I can link back to you!


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  1. Hi Eric, we just used your music in our game, #BlackLivesMatter, and credited you. Thanks!

  2. Hey i hope you dont mind me using this music track its only a simple platformer you will be credited ;3

  3. Using the music in my videos for the 22 day pushup challenge. I tried leaving a link here but it didn’t work.

  4. Hi! I just wanted to let you know that the album is great and that I would be using some of the songs for videos of speedpaints and such (with credit ofc)! Thank you so much! : D

  5. Hey Eric, we will be using Chibi Ninja for our Intro and Outro music for a Podcast we are creating. We will make sure to credit you and get you a link as soon as it’s up and running! Thank you so much for allowing us to use your awesome tracks.

  6. Hey! Thanks for the music, I’ll be using Chibi Ninja and a Night Of Dizzy Spells for a video (In spanish) about Pokemon Go, I’ll credit you. This is the video, thanks for the music and keep up the good work.

  7. Hey there, it’s Stacy. My friend Caleb and I have used a small clip of one of your songs for our Let’s Play intro, from Arpanauts, which was just so subtle and perfect. Thank you so much for contributing these songs so generously. I hope we find a way to pay it forward. We will link to your page in every video.

  8. (I realized I should probably link to an episode… Haha!)

  9. Thanks for the tracks! Using some in new app I published for Android/iOS :

    We’ll credit you in the App Description

  10. Hi !
    I used night of dizzy spells in my app . This is the link .
    Thank you.

  11. Hi! I used/using it in my twitch streams, Many thanks!

  12. Hi, I used your music in my game:

    You are credited and the music is awesome! Keep up the good work!

  13. Hi Eric! I used Chibi Ninja in my Visual Novel game. You will be credited in the credits, and you will be credited in the “READ ME” file inside the game’s folder. Thank you for providing great music! 🙂

  14. Hi Eric! A friend showed me your work and I instantly fell in love. I would love to use “All of Us” as an intro to my YouTube channel, you will be credited. Thank you for the awesome music!!!

  15. Hi Eric! I used your track, Come and Find Me, for a game I recently made (Evil Monsters). I love your music. I credited you in the credits. Thank you for your generosity!

  16. Hello Eric! Just wanted you to know that I used your music in my game for android, called “Drink’n’Drive – Immoral Racing”. Link: Keep up the good work! Cheers!

  17. Greetings Eric! We’ve used your song Arpanauts at the beginning and end of our Podcast here!
    Thanks for the fantastic tunes, your music is wonderful. 😀

  18. Hi Eric. I love the tunes you have made! I used several in a game called BUSY BLOX.Thanks for sharing them!!! 🙂

  19. Hey thanks for the music, here’s a video we made using Chibi Ninja

  20. Hello Erick you have very lovely song Jump Shot. We like to use in our game called Gabuak Hero. BTW Great Work man

  21. Is it cool if I use some of these songs for a game demo? They’re amazing, and I’ll totally give credit for you.

  22. I used Chibi Ninja as the intro of a new Let’s Play series I’m doing called “Throwback Thursday.” Here is the first video:

  23. Hey man I’m just using your music for a podcast me and my friend did. 🙂 Awesome stuff and really love it here’s the link of my channel and the episode.

  24. Hey, I absolutely love your music and I would like to play your album on loop while I am streaming to both Youtube and Twitch! I really appreciate ya!

  25. For some reason it didn’t leave a link the last time I commented , so let me try it this way:

    I would love to use your music on stream!

  26. i used your music in my video

  27. i used your music in my video, thanks- llama squad gaming youtube

  28. Great stuff, just used a few tracks to accompany some game play for a Super Stickman Golf 3 tournament.

  29. thanks for the music!
    I used in a game:

  30. I used your song “HHavok-main” in my app preview video for my new game Jammed Controls. It’s a great little tune. Thank you!

  31. Hi! Beautiful music. 🙂 I plan to use some of your songs in a twitch stream:

  32. I use your song “Searching” in my Outro on Youtube. 🙂
    (Means every end on the video in my Channel)

  33. Dear Eric,
    we used your music for website.

    Soon we will put this project on our web site
    and we will credited you as well with the rest of crew


  34. hello. is it ok if I use some of your music for my YouTube channel. I will give credit to your work.

  35. Thank you very much! I used your song in my game on play market. Here is link

  36. Hi, I’m going to use this in a game that I’m creating, it’s my first game and I haven’t gotten very far so I’ll tell you more when I finish or at least have gotten quite a bit farther with it

  37. Hi, I’m going to use this in a game that I’m creating, it’s my first game and I haven’t gotten very far so I’ll tell you more when I finish or at least have gotten quite a bit farther with it.

  38. Hi Eric, your songs are awesome and I intend to use them as soundtrack for my upcoming youtube videos. Tonight I chose A Night Of Dizzy Spells (my favourite). Your are credited in video description. The world needs more people like you. Thanks a lot!

  39. Hey man, nice tracks. I’m going to use your song “All of Us” for a school project. You will be credited i it 😀

  40. Hey Eric! I’m using your Chibi Ninja song for some time lapse art videos, and I’ll be checking out the rest of your tracks to see if they’ll match my other videos. 🙂 I hope I properly credited you in the description, feel free to let me know if there’s more info I need to add. Thanks so much, love the music!

  41. Awesome 8Bit Music Eric…using them on my retro game Youtube Channel

  42. I’m using your music in an animation I’m creating, so I’ll send you the link when it’s posted

  43. Hi Eric, thank you very much for these songs.
    Me and some friends used one of them in a GameJam.

  44. I just stumbled across your music. I’m digging it man. I added it to a personal project I’m making in Unity 3D (a game for me and my kids). Anyways, the music really adds to the experience. Thanks! Now make us more :D! And if I end up bringing this game to a platform, I will use this music.

  45. Hey Eric, used your track All of Us for background music in my YouTube video:


  46. Going to be using your song A Night of Dizzy Spells in the 8 bit Evolution title Intro. Thanks for the great music.

  47. Hey, we used the music in our game and credited you.
    Thanks for the awesome music.

  48. Hi Eric,

    All these tracks are great. Letting you know I used my favorites “Come and Find Me” / “Come and Find Me – B Mix” on one of my videos.

    Started with the first and midway moved on to B Mix. Thanks again for the awesome tunes and nostalgia.

  49. Hi, me again. I’ll be using more of your songs from now on on my YouTube videos.
    I’ll give you credits in the description box.

    YouTube Channel: ED Supay

  50. Hi! I used your 8bit song A Night of Dizzy Spells for a YouTube video. I just wanted you to know that I had it on repeat throughout the video. I will give you credit in the description of the video.

  51. Hi Eric, nice bits. I hope you don’t mind me using your songs in my future video reviews as background music. thanks a lot.

  52. I used the theme 01 A Night Of Dizzy Spells for one of my videos.

    Thanks Etic.

  53. Using it for my game gae that I’m programming for a school project.

  54. Thanks for the music, used the song Chibi Ninja for a gaming podcast for my multimedia class.

  55. Hello! It’s very nice of you to share these around like this. I think I might use a few in different little games I like to make. Thank you!

  56. Hey, thanks so much for putting these tracks out there. I’m starting a new YouTube Channel and might use some of these. Be on the lookout for TCav. 😉 Thank you and have a wonderful night!

  57. Hi Eric,

    we’ve used your song ‘A Night Of Dizzy Spells’ for a small section of our latest videogame, Kyurinaga’s Revenge. You can see the trailer below, although I do not have a video source for the section where your song is played (it’s kind of a spoiler). We have of coursed credited you in our credits. Thank you very much for sharing your talent !

  58. Working on a project for my startup bitFoundry. Using a few tracks for background. Great tunes.

  59. Thank you sharing your music! Some really cool beats you got here. I might use some for my youtube videos 🙂

  60. Hey, I love your music really hard. I’m starting streaming pixel art on Twitch and want to share your music on my channel

  61. I used on of your tracks in my PROCJAM game 🙂
    Thank you!

  62. Hey, we used your music, ‘Chibi Ninja’, ‘We’re all under the stars’ on our game.

  63. I’m using one of your songs in my Youtube video intro/outros. I’ll link back to your site in the descriptions.

  64. Hi Eric
    I’m using your music right now in helping to skin a nigger.
    Its a black lives matter negro being beaten now.

  65. The niggers unconscious..

  66. I’m using your music in my book trailer! you are credited

  67. Hey! I would be using your music for my video. btw they are AWESOME!!

  68. Hiya Eric, we’re using three of your tunes in a little pirate game! You are credited, and we’re looking to maybe re-arranging them high quality samples. Is this cool as long as you are credited as original composer? And might you even be interested in helping out with this task should payment be offered?

  69. Hello Eric. I’m using two of your tracks in a mobile game. It’s called ‘Decolor’ and you are credited on the main page.

  70. Hello Eric! I am using one of your tracks called, “Jumpshot” for my TeenDrive video. Thank you for making 8 bit music!

  71. We’re using some Tracks in our Game and credited you.
    Thanks for making them!

  72. I’m using your jumpshot track in a game I made, your 8 bit music is amazing!

  73. Hi Eric,
    I used your track HHavok-main for a dance video!
    Your 8bit music is really cool!
    I credited you and put a link to this page in the description.
    Here is the video if you are curious:
    Thank you!!

  74. Hi, I have used your track for a demo
    Sick music man!!

  75. Hi Eric!
    I’m using Chibi Ninja (outtro) and 8bitbetty in my channel

  76. Hey Eric! Just found your music! I need all of it for my YouTube channel!
    You are very good! Thx for the opportunity to get free good music for my videos!


  77. Hi Eric. Letting you know I am going to be using one of your songs (searching) for the intro for my podcast.

  78. Thank you for making and publishing this music! Awesome stuff. I used chibi ninja in a simple iphone game I made:

  79. Greetings, Eric. Thank you so much for your work! 🙂 I used “We’re All Under The Stars” for a video on my collab channel.

  80. Hello, Eric!

    I used your song “Come and Find Me” in my game I created for class called “Looking for Lamp”.

    Thank you so much for your work!

  81. hey dude. Awesome music. I’ve used 2 of your songs in my youtube video. Thanks again.

  82. Hey! I will use some of your songs in my game!
    Thanks for making the music!

  83. Man, you rock!
    I’ll be using a couple of your songs for (at least) a demo of my game, and I’ll probably end up listening to the entire album over and over again!

    Thank you!

  84. Eric, you’re the best for providing these! I absolutely LOVE “We’re the Resistors” Using a couple songs for an end of the year project here for one of my computer engineering classes at Georgia Tech and you’ll be credited!

  85. Hi Eric, we are two students from a computer science degree, we are going to use your music in our videogames project. We are crediting you in it.
    Thank you for your awesome music!

  86. Your music is great! My group is using some tracks in a game we are creating for a college class, and we’ll be sure to credit you. Thanks for making these!

  87. I am using it in a personal game I’m making
    it will be on my blog sometime in the future.
    link to the blog:

  88. hey! I used your song Searching for my Youtube video Unboxing the NES Classic Edition. I am going to put more of your music in my videos. Hope you check it out.

  89. Hey Eric. My name is Grayson Gordon and I used one of your tracks in a computer science project video game at West Point.

  90. Used one of your songs in my milestones video

  91. Hello Im using track “All Of Us” in my video of Super Mario World thank you

  92. Hello Eric,

    I am just writing to inform you that I will be using multiple songs from your album in order to bring life to an Arcade Style Beat ’em Up.

    Thank you for providing your music to the general public 🙂

  93. Love the tracks. Would like to hear about how you made them.

  94. Hi there, fantastic tunes for my sons gaming channel – thecodwolf on youtube. Im setting it all up for him for xmas and i do a bit of streaming too so we’ll use this so thanks buddy – amazing

  95. Thank you for the Music. I will be using the soundtrack Prologue in my game. Any questions feel free to email me! Thank you again!

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