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Resistor Anthems

Download the album free!

Resistor Anthems


All songs are released under a Creative Commons Attribution License, please feel free to use them in your projects, games, podcasts, videos, or whatever you like, just be sure to let me know so I can link back to you!


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  1. I used your music for YouTube videos on our channel SwitchForce. Thanks!

  2. i used ur wonderful music on my youtube channel Keebstone thnx bro

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    The clearness on your post is juset spectacular and i can think you’re knowledgeable
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  4. Il use your work for my channel 😉

  5. I’ve used your music in my Youtube channel DarkYious. Thank you a lot!

  6. We used your music in a Game Jam project! Great stuff!

  7. Hi Eric,

    I used your music for a personal project. I’m learning Java and I made a 2D scrolling game.

    Thank you!

  8. Hi Eric, thanks for letting people use this AWESOME music!

    I used a couple of tracks for my Android and iOS game, Snaky:

    People really loves the music! so thanks again!

  9. Hi Eric, I used your music for a game dev project.

  10. Hi!

    I used your music for my Youtube Videos. My channel is

    Here is the video:


  11. Hello!

    I used your fantastic music for my YouTube speed-drawing video test.

  12. I used the music for a video game. I’m in sixth grade and my project is doing pretty good. Thanks so much!

  13. I used this music for a video game for my class in college!
    Here’s my email if you want a link to the game in the future.

  14. I used this for my game that I’m publishing, thanks so much! you are amazing!

  15. I used your music for personal project game development !

  16. I will be using “A night of dizzy spells” for my upcoming podcast. Thank you for the great work.

  17. Hi. Me again. I have a question. I am putting my game on GameJolt and am wondering if there is anything I need to do. Because I am making people pay for it, like £0.99, would I have to pay you or sign a contract. I put your name on the menu “Music by Eric Skiff”. This music is amazing. Get back to me as soon as possible

  18. I’m using you music to make a game more pleasing to play and this is just what i needed

  19. I’ve used 3 of your tracks for a youtube video (non monetized)

  20. Hello, my channel will probably use your songs in our bloopers videos, we are swedish tho. EppleTomat is the channel name.

  21. Im going to use your awesome 8-bit music on my Youtube channel! On Youtube: Daniel Hyberger

  22. I used your music in a short game project. Thanks!

  23. I used “Come and Find Me” in my webcomic Iff The Thee-horned

  24. Used it in our podcast

    Thanks a lot. Love it!

  25. Used “Chibi Ninja” for some private project for college. Thought I need to mention this for you, thanks.

  26. Planning on using tracks from this album in an upcoming mobile game. Thanks so much!

  27. Hi, I used this awesome music for some videos on my youtube channel, The Scribblesverse. Thanks, I really loved “Chibi Ninja”

  28. Hi Eric, we use ‘Jumpshot’ for our 2D platformer run game. Thank you so much for your efforts. We really like your playlist! Thanks!

  29. Hey Eric, I used your songs Searching and We are the resistors in my youtube video. Thanks so much for the great tunes.

  30. Hey Erik! I’m using song #1 in my video game project (college). Thanks!

  31. Hey i used your nice 8 bit music for my game

  32. I used some music in a game im making! So good!

  33. Thanks Eric Skiff! I used Track 01 and Track 02 in a game I’m making for a university project. Perfect!

  34. Heya! I’m using some of your music in a game. Thanky!

  35. Hey! I’m using some of your music in a game. Thanks!

  36. I also will give credit for the music/audio. Ok? 🙂

  37. I used your song as my youtube outro, Thanks for these amazing songs

  38. Hey Eric, thank you so much for an amazing collection of songs. I’ll be using some of them for my first episode of my upcoming video! :] Obviously non-monitzed.

  39. Hey Eric, I’m going to use some of your sounds for my game. Thanks for making these man!!!

  40. Hi there, yup this article is really nice and I have learned lot of things from it on the topic
    of blogging. thanks.

  41. Im going to use my new game Thnx Bro

  42. Im going to use my new game and add you on credits thnx

  43. Hi Erik! I’m using your music for a project I’m working on- a game called “Dreamweaver Tactics.” Thanks for making your wonderful music available!

  44. Hellow Eric!
    I used your music for a workshop game I made, I’ll give you credits for the music!
    Thanks for an amazing collection!

  45. Hi Eric,

    I love your music! I used a couple tracks in my new D&D podcast:

    Thanks so much for making these songs and letting us use them!

  46. Hey Eric,

    I used one of your songs on a game I mage, here is the link

    Thanks for the great collection!

  47. Hey! This was used for a comm arts podcast project about a local game design club! It’s a school project so there’s no link but thanks for the rad tunes 🙂

  48. Hi Eric Skiff I’ve made a game that was mostly private and is no up on GameJolt.

    I will not, have not, and never plain to make money off this game.
    If you feel like this goes against any thing you agree contact me at my email
    and I will remove your music ASAP and delete any and all old versions with your music. Thank You for your awesome music keep it up

  49. Hi eric i plan to use several of your music in my youtube videos, I do plan to monetize my videos but I will make sure that people know your music was used

  50. Hey Eric! I would love to use your song “Underclocked” and create a music video based on it for my video production course. thanks!
    -Adam Parry

  51. Hey I’m going to use your pack in my game and btw this music is amazing and exactly what I was looking for!

  52. Hi Eric, we are using your songs to make a podcast, which is a school projet. Hit me back for more informations

  53. Hi Eric, I used your music in my new iOS game called Ultra Dash.
    Thanks very much!!!

  54. Hi Eric, I used your Music in my experimental CSS GAME.
    Thanks very much

  55. Im using your music for a game dev project, its really good!

  56. Im using your music for the Game Flappy Bit ( ). The Game is for the 1-Bit-Clicker Jam.

  57. I’m using your music for a Youtube Channel (DM CHips). Thank you!

  58. I am using your music in my video game. Its not released yet.

  59. Hello, I will be using a track for background music while I am streaming on Twitch and it will be converted into a youtube video. Thank you.

  60. I’m using some of your music, thanks!

  61. I’m using some of your music for an animation film project. There’s no link yet but thank you!

  62. Hi Eric,

    I used your track in my promo movie of my app:

    amazing work btw!

  63. Hi Eric,

    We used your track in our youtube video.

    Thanks for your amazing track!

    Margo and Alena

  64. Used a few of your tracks on our review for a game! NintendoFuse

  65. I am using some of your tracks for my game! Awesome tunes

  66. I am using some of your tracks for my game! Awesome tunes!

  67. Will be using one of your songs on a youtube video for streaming overlays

  68. Hai. I really like your music. I’m not of a big game developer or anything , but I make small ( and boring) games/projects on so I am making a 8-bit game called ‘Frisk’ (I know it’s kinda weird) and the music you make kinda like suits the main theme of my game. I’ll be using it and I’ll give you credit and the link to your website in description. I hope it is fine with you!

  69. I’m using your music for a game project in class that a friend and I have to work on! It’s turning out to be really great!

  70. I used your music in my Thesis for Game Design, name in credits.

  71. Really awesome music! I’ll be using one of your tracks on my 2D game and give you credit for it. Thanks for your work.

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  73. Hey,
    I use your Music in a Minecraft Adventure Map

    (With a “Ressourcepack” you can add Custom Textures, Models and MUSIC intro Minecraft, And with “Commandblocks” You can some sort of develop in Minecraft so i used your Music :D)

  74. I’m using this on my Channel on YT

  75. Using on of the songs on my html / css bouncy castle:

  76. Using one of the songs on my html / css bouncy castle:

  77. Hi Eric, I used your music for a game dev project.

  78. Ive used in a game project, im leaving the credits for you, thats a nice theme!

  79. I used you music on a video on my Youtube channel, called michaelpros.
    Thank you!

  80. I’m gonna use your music as background music in my videos, channel name on YT: ApolloRaccoon, Thanks man :).

  81. We used your music for a kickstarter video program for teaching. We have credited you in the video credits and will link to you when we have it up. Thank you for your awesome talent and we hope you do very well! you are very talented 🙂

    Kanawha IT Security

  82. I used this on me game Deep Space on GameJolt.

  83. Hi,
    I used your music in a game called Stuck for a game jame

  84. Hello, I used your music in a game project called TinyMage

  85. Used your music in my Mac game: classic snake

    Thank you so much !!!

  86. My friends an I are using your awesome music for our DnD Podcast! Thanks for the music!

  87. Hey Eric,

    I really wanted to thank you for licensing your stuff under creative commons. It can be hard to find resources when you are making a little no budget thing in your spare time, but you really helped me out.

    I used your song “Chibi Ninja” as the background track for the retro mode of my little arcade game “Go Rhino Go”. If you want to check it out, it’s available on at this address:

    Your music is credited on the download page, as well as the credits popup in game.

    Thank you for the incredible music!

  88. I Used your lovely music in a school project, I’m crediting you as well 🙂

  89. Hello, a friend and I used your track “Searching” for our intro in our Youtube channel ScrubRage! Thanks for the awesome track!

  90. Hi Eric. Thank you for your great music! I’m using Chibi Ninja in my YouTube videos (your name, album, song name and URL appear in the video) 😀

  91. Hi Eric, I used your music for a game development project.

  92. Hi Eric, thanks for the great music, I used one song to create a game that in the coming days will appear in the play-store, with the name of the package com.sasha2dx.fifteenmp (

  93. Thank for your mercy.
    I used your music for Shey Youtube channel.

  94. Can I used your tunes in a video

  95. I am using some of your tracks in my game. Thanks!

  96. here’s the first video featuring your awesome music:

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